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wow another post
actually Im procrastinating, I need to start 6 drawings for next sub yep six... heres a few of my latest works, oils and mixed media, dont have any decent drawings yet Im happy with so really have to get cracking,these are not finished yet either Spinning a...

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July 16
Just another year slipping by, i gave up writing it has been too hard not jusst to find the time but to write anything worth writing about and physically unable to with enjoyment, is anyone nterested ? I suspect not inshort coming up to 8 month physio with ...

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A bit more fun
Currently waiting for my spinach pie to cook so thought Id put something in here, Im not going to pressure myself in writing only when i feel like it I got shock and surprised a HS for first assignment for the year, lets hope I can keep it up,a few otehr st...

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This is framed via the tablet to see how it looks,Im happy with it,its a style Im trying to work at moment,the fourth in a blue series,I hope to have ten for a small exhibit to help local art centre later in year,with that will be my final works for the Bac...

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more paints and printing
This arrived yesterday I bought a ball earlier last year and started another elm tree shawl,the lovely lady kept this lot til I decided if i could use,Im ashamed I took so long to get it, theres enough for a reasonably sized shawl i think and the beauty of ...

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Im trying to paint some,based on this photo But have got this one done, bit of colour fun...much better in real life however. Will post my efforts as soon as i get somewhere.

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Well heres of a the start of a new year ...not sure what to say , had a very quiet day only us with two youngest at home,I feel bad for them though the youngest is prob the only one who would have liked to go out,myself at that age and even up to now have n...

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Post Christmas
How did you Big Day go,??? mine was pretty good,a different one this year breaking with our family tradition, we went to town and spent day with boys and their girlfriends at Hews house, it was different and at times i felt a little lost but as usual they s...

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Yes Im still here,improving I have to say i can plait my hair now, cook biccies and generally most light things,at least two hours of execises everyday, but Im getting there Saw Surgeon and he was happy for me to return to light duites mainly office stuff b...
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