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We are the best in Abuja! Pay us a visit!
Check out Korephbeauty @ shop HF69, Kaura market opposite Prince & Princess for all brands of makeup, natural hair products, Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, body shop products and perfumes. To order, whatsApp 08030756911 for Abuja deliveries only.

Do you have 2 or 3 lovers?? Na so naija be, don't lie, most Lagos girls get fiancee, aristo, classmate, just friend and one time mameraaaa! To the point: are you confused about whom to marry amongst your lovers? This is the natural solution, get peak milk empty cans or ragolis water cut bottom, put good sand into the cans or plastic according to the no of lovers you have, if na 10 u get, ti e ba e, put sand in the empty cans, label each container with the name of each lover, plant a corn or bean seed in each container, add a drop of water, keep in a cool dry place and check it after 3 or 5 days! The one that grows first is your best choice, followed by the next.

Forget pastors or any imam, this is a natural and divine way of solving problem of choice of partners for marriage! Don't do ojoro o by adding more water to Bimpe's container than Bimbo's own o, na wahala u go cause yasef in future o! Best of luck and remember to invite us to the wedding. loves u.

OMG! Watch Buhari declares that he is Baba go slow! So funny!!!

Pause, why calling a dog a bad name to hang it? What do you intend to see in the house of a national security adviser? Rice beans kunu and isi ewu abi?? Pls stop this nonsense drama, leave #Dasuki alone and redirect your man hours towards stemming boko haram! 

From Facebook To #Lamzatblog: Your Post on Funke Akindele has a High Relevance Score

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Parents please avoid praising a clean plate. Your child should stop eating when he or she is full, rather than when the plate is clean. This is very common in Nigeria.

Avoid weight-loss pills. Don't kill yourself! Most weight-loss pills that you can buy without a prescription from your doctor have not been shown to work or be safe.

The key to go anywhere or get anything you need in your office environment is to make friends with secretaries, security men, janitors and cleaners! They are the true power in office buildings!

Shameless leleyi: Upstart Yoruba actor Baba Tee's new girlfriend no get cloth, na him Baba Tee com open Yetunde Bustline's designer cloth way still dey house com gif his new girlfriend make dat one dey wear do skelewu!! Dat one too com wear d cloth com dey take jollof selfie with another woman cloth!! Haba Baba Tee, when u no get money y u com call omo alakara!! That is gutter and absolutely disgraceful!! The fotos dey load on diaris God oooooo!!

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