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Que el corazón del universo esté en tu corazón,
Que tu corazón esté en el corazón de la madre tierra,
Que el corazón de la madre tierra esté en tu corazón,
Y que tu corazón esté en el corazón del universo


May the heart of the universe be in your heart,
May your heart be in the heart of Mother Earth,
May the heart of Mother Earth be in your heart,
May your heart be in the heart of the universe

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"I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end.

Why do you sorrow? Haven't I shown you the light? Cast away the solitude and feel eternity within and around. I am by your side all the way like I did before, remember? When you couldn't no more, I carried you on my arms along the sandy beach. Nourished you back to life again.

Feel the embrace of light. The embrace of love. It is here for you unconditional and timeless. I will never let go. Precious jewel of my light.

Come and bathe in the sun of life. You are forever. Let the darkness pass. It is only a moment, an illusion.

The reality beyond real is so vast and daunting, it is my gift to you. It's wonders will send shivers to your spine. Even eternity cannot make you tired of it. There are mysteries around every corner, from the expanses to inner worlds. It will leave you breathless and speechless.

In all corners, even the darkest ones there is the light of my love. Just use your light to find it.

Always and forever with you. Forget the ones who spoke the divine away with their words. Words are lost in the wind, worthless. They just last but a fraction of a second in the eternal sea who watches over everything in unsettling silence.

God, divine, transcendence, all are just words. Reality cannot be expressed or understood by the human feeble mind. You will someday understand it, but not in words. For now just listen to the silence, and it will speak back to you from the vastness of the manifold of Creation"

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Thank you for helping us heal through the power of such beautiful mantras.
A big hug!
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