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personal trainer and nutrition advocate
personal trainer and nutrition advocate

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GOODBYE BLONDE + GRAINLESS // time for a change
This blog is no longer updated. All my favourite recipes have come with me to my new domain where I also post workouts, fitness tips, nutrition information and reviews. I hope you decide to join me. I started blonde + grainless to help me through a time whe...

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RECIPE // cheat clean tortilla pizza
V, SF Following the theme of yesterday's skinny pancake recipe I have another cheat-clean recipe for you, this time a savoury one. There is nothing quite like a pizza, but sadly our favourite takeout or restaurant meals can really take a chunk out of your c...

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RECIPE // skinny protein pancake
GF, DF, SF You lot are in for treat today! I have discovered a gem of a pancake recipe, which can be made gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and only has TWO ingredients (before toppings obviously...okay and oil spray). Plus it takes literally 5 minutes. S...

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RECIPE // prozoats
Prozoats is a creation I would not have discovered, or even dared to try, had it not been for Instagram's fitness and food bloggers sharing the obsession. They love prozoats as it has all the great qualities of porridge; it warms you up, fills you up and ta...

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WEEK NOTES // 23032016
Well well, spring is sprung! This is my favourite time of the year: more daylight, warmer temperatures, higher spirits, new seasonal foods and budding plants. I am currently up to my elbows: -coursework deadlines, exams and learning for my PT Level 2, which...

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MOTHERING SUNDAY // an ode to my mum
Mum + I Without my mum I wouldn’t be where I am today. I often don’t write long blog posts because I feel I cannot type coherently enough or make it enjoyable for others to read, however today, which is Mothering Sunday, I am going to tell you one of the ma...

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RECIPE // fast teriyaki stir fry with prawns, broccoli and brown rice
Today I had my first day in my new job at Pinnacle Fitness cafe. Except it didn't feel like I was working. No clock watching or waiting for home time, I was just hanging out with lovely people preparing food and watching the charity strongman competition. C...

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RECIPE // warm chicken salad with white beans and feta
GLUTENFREE, PALEO, SUGARFREE, DAIRYFREE (without cheese) But first... an update (scroll down for the recipe if you don't give a crap) . I think today was the first 'normal' Monday that I have actually enjoyed in forever. I say normal to distinguish it from ...

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VALENTINE'S DAY // 4 ways to celebrate on the cheap
This year the day of love falls on a Sunday, a day of rest for many people. This gives us more opportunity to spend the day with our partners, friends and family. As I am saving up to buy a car this month, I was trying to think up ways to show loved ones th...

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WEEK NOTES // 09022016
Happy pancake day! Here are some of my favourite gluten free recipes: //  allergy free  (pumpkin spice and chocolate protein) // fluffy coconut flour pancakes  (pictured) // low calorie 3-ingredient pancakes // quinoa pancakes In other news, I've been... //...
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