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Richard Norris
E commerce evangelist at SiteZero
E commerce evangelist at SiteZero


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Another 5 star performance by +Dave Booth at +Google Partners today.
Learning some really cool stuff
With +Richard Flanagan and +Katherine Berg.
Can't believe how full this place is ....
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Client has an enormous amount of local suburbs listed in the footer of his site . These are NOT linked to pages as such. But the site does have  additional suburb pages that are structured as such . 
/Page/plumbers-toowong  Etc..

To me this seems like an outdated strategy ...

Thoughts , comments , suggestions ?

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Good Morning Guys and Gals,
I have a client that is being pitched by another SEO company and the feedback i received was...

"Said that Google doesn't like WordPress!  Is that so"

Point one ...We have not built the client site on WordPress ... whoops

Point two .... We only build client sites on  our own CMS and have done for the last 17 years ( since 1997) i have no knowledge on word press and am not qualified to comment on something that have never used  

But her claim does sound a bit "out There " 

Does anyone care to comment on "word press" and its "likability" with Google .

My comment back to the client was that although his site is NOT built on " word press" and i have never worked with Word press , that i felt that Google would "generally" be platform agnostic...and that Good SEO could be performed on "almost" any cms platform... but that i would ask some people that would really know....  you guys

Anyone care to comment?

I'm encountering an issue which I'm not sure if anyone has seen i just thought I would bounce it off the community

In Adwords I'm noticing that I'm getting a bunch of mobile and tablet traffic (which I don't want).

I have set mobile bid adjustment to -100%, but can't seem to find how to exclude tablet traffic. Have you seen this before? any ideas?

Hi All, I am looking for a really good Ad words specialist that i can refer to a family member...The campaign is not huge as i understand it . Any recommendations??

Any thoughts on the new #Hummingbird   search #algorithm ???
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