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Jan Moren
Janne. In Osaka. And Okinawa.
Janne. In Osaka. And Okinawa.


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The ferry between Okinawa and the mainland will disappear. :( I've always wanted to take the ferry some day.

Of course, I never did; I just fly instead, and that's exactly what killed this line. Flying is now so cheap the ferry can't compete.

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I found a live nest! Just need to locate and destroy the queen...

From Charlie Stross, quoting a research report:

tl;dr: lots of people are exposed to the kind of propaganda and social pressures that create terrorists(1). But only a very tiny fraction actually become terrorists. And the single most important factor is if people they care about have been killed or hurt, "disappeared" or imprisoned by the perceived opposition.

In other words, as much as religions and ideologies keep barfing messages of hate all over their subjects, what can push somebody over the edge to actually hurt and kill others is usually somebody they care about getting seriously hurt or killed in the first place.

Edit: here's the (excellent) post:

"The research specifically set out to discover what pushed a handful of individuals to join violent extremist groups, when many others facing similar sets of circumstances did not. This specific moment or factor is referred to as the 'tipping point'. The idea of a transformative trigger that pushes individuals decisively from the 'at-risk' category to actually taking the step of joining is substantiated by the Journey to Extremism data. A striking 71 percent pointed to 'government action', including 'killing of a family member or friend' or 'arrest of a family member or friend', as the incident that prompted them to join. These findings throw into stark relief the question of how counter-terrorism and wider security functions of governments in at-risk environments conduct themselves with regard to human rights and due process. State security-actor conduct is revealed as a prominent accelerator of recruitment, rather than the reverse."

In fact, the best defenses against generating recruits for extremist organizations seemed to be things like reduced social and eonomic exclusion (poverty), improved education, having a family background (peer pressure), and not being on the receiving end of violent repression."

(1) Terrorists in general, whether middle-eastern Muslim or Jewish ones; US Christian; alt-right and nazis; or the classical European anarchist or communist ones. The flavour really doesn't matter.

Singapore was, disappointingly, a lot more expensive than Japan for electronic components and things like that. Now I'm back in Osaka for a day before I return to Okinawa, and so I just blew a couple man yen in Den-den town on components and things that "might come in handy" just because everything seems so cheap by comparison :)

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On our way to Singapore. Summer holiday awaits!

TIL that according to the founder, the btrfs filesystem should be pronounced "butter fs", since it comes from CoW...

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Attending a conference in Thailand looks like a really bad idea. Going to Thailand at all seems kind of risky, in fact.

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Blog: I've just released "Ruse", a small utility of mine for measuring the memory use of long-running processes, and present it in a way that's easy to understand and use.

Not very useful for most people of course, but if you do try it out, let me know what you think.

So, we're going to Singapore in a couple of weeks for our summer holidays. Need to get away from the daily grind of white beaches and coral reefs now and again.

* Any place in Singapore in particular we should go to for good food? Any place (or kind of place) to avoid?

* Is Singapore good for buying electronics, laptops, components and things like that? Or is it overpriced compared to Japan? Dangerous/easy to get ripped off? If it's worth it, where to go?

* Any good place for kitchenware? Especially good cooking classes?

*Anything else we should do? Our interests are food, walking, food, photography, food and food, more or less in that order.

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Blog: Retired my old beard trimmer. After 21 years. That's reliability.
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