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I may have a problem. We're on holiday and I managed to sneak my HOTAS into the car. I'm currently just about managing to play Elite on a 4GB, 2GHz i5 laptop with a geForce 435M GPU. I had to reduce graphics to low and reduce the res. and I can get about 12fps in a station and a mighty 30fps in open space. It looks horrible and I wouldn't fancy doing any combat but it's fine for trading and PP work.

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Meet #GoogleGnome. The smart yard is finally here →

'Can anyone work out why I am getting a pop-up message every 5 minutes saying "The Microsoft exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart outlook"??'

"Have you quit and restarted Outlook?"


I've got a bit of a hardware conundrum so I'd like to know what you'd do in my position.

I've acquired a couple of PCs that I'd like to combine into one good PC that will play Elite and another OK PC that I can give away to someone to do less demanding stuff. So far, so simple - take all the better components out of one PC, swap them into the other one, insert the 660ti I've got spare and I'm done.

Not so simple though. Here are the relevant specs:


Xeon 2.3GHz CPU
Standard ATX 525W PSU
Huge motherboard


Core i5 3.0Ghz CPU
Weird sized 350W PSU (possibly a slim ATX PSU)
Normal (mini?) ATX sized motherboard

The 660ti needs around 450W total system power. The case from PC1 is nicer.

So PC2 is a better base, except for the PSU. No problem, swap out the PSU from PC1. Case isn't as nice but who cares? Trouble is the PSU from PC1 doesn't fit. There's space, just, but the fixings are in the wrong place.

No problem, take out everything from PC2s case and put it in PC1s case. Damn, motherboard doesn't fit in PC1s case. Fixings in wrong place.

Getting on to more annoying (and costly) solutions, just buy a new PSU that fits case 2. No can do, they only go up to 350W.

So now I'm into either expensive (buy a new case) or DIY hell (modify one of the cases) territory.

I don't want to spend money on this. It was meant to be free. I don't want to modify a PC case because I'll end up cutting my finger off. Or more likely breaking the case.

What do I do?!

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Over 2 years since release and I've finally got the last of my Elite ratings!

Just CQC to go now. And Federal rank for a Corvette. And Engineer ranks...
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Make your own Elite control extension with an Arduino:

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#Alternativefacts: "A fact isn't a fact until it has been invented by the government's Fact Office (F-OFF)". Scarfolk welcomes America to the dystopia.


Merry Christmas commanders!

I put an Incident into our incident tracking system so I could keep track of it. It only affects me and I'm dealing with it. Not particularly important so I've sat on it for a few days.

Unfortunately there's no way to over-ride the SLAs and so it's now been escalated to a higher authority. Who won't understand or care about the issue and if they don't just close it, will need to escalate it to... me.

I should have just stuck it on a post-it note on my monitor.

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I genuinely laughed out loud at this. Getting strange looks now. 
NEW! How to make your own real animal masks for Halloween. Happy Halloween from everyone Scarfolk Council More info:
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