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The world has entered a new era where it has become impossible to distinguish between satire and reality, historians have confirmed.
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I don't think anyone's posted this yet. Chapter 4 Exploration Reveal. I have to say, there's nothing in here I don't like. Looks like it's going to make exploration (and other parts of gameplay) more interesting and involved.

New goldrush incoming though:

"We are also adding a new opportunity to get your Commander's name immortalised in the game with the new 'First Mapped By' tag. The first person to successfully map a planet to 100% and sell the resulting data at a port, will be awarded this tag. This also applies for planets that have already got a 'First Discovered' tag as well. "

Dear +NewsThump,

I follow you on G+. I don't want to subscribe to your news letter. If you insist on sticking a pop-up over EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE asking me to subscribe, I'll stop following you on G+ and never visit your website.
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So, the Gnosis. Anyone who's been vaguely following the story could have had a good guess that it wasn't going to make it to the Cone sector and there'd probably be some Thargoidy stuff going on.

I took my second account there and docked up just in case it really did make a jump into Cone and I could bag a few undiscovered systems. I'm a bit disappointed that I'm stuck there but it's my own fault. I went in an unarmed, lightly shielded Asp.

FWIW, I think it's actually quite a good story. It might involve people coming out in Thargoid toughened vessels to rescue people like me. Might be a CG. The Gnosis might manage to jump away after all. I don't know yet. But I'm quite excited to find out.

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Conservative MEP David Bannerman has refused to apologize from his controversial demand to make loyalty to the EU an act of treason and has now created further controversy by saying people who speak a second language should be punished in the village…
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We need help!

We need support from people around the world to help defend the Great Barrier Reef.

We can't do it by ourselves. While our democracy hadn't quite eroded as far as some others, we are still poorly represented, and despite this project being heavily opposed by most Australians (

The world doesn't need more coal. The world does need healthy marine environments, because marine life is an important part of the carbon cycle. (

Please share this post. Please like the video I attached. Please let your friends and family know about this fight. Please let your local politician know that this problem exists and that you care about it.
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Beyond Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

New ship, Alliance Challenger, new wing missions, new guardian weapons, new Thargoids...

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The creator of the marvellous Scarfolk has been stiffed and needs your support.
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Ooh, powerplay overhaul proposal. Lots of good stuff in here. Controversial proposal to make PP Open only. Various other tweaks.

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Yay! The Flat Galaxy Society was finally inserted into the game, along with a huge injection of around 1500 other player minor factions. Our forum post:!-Flat-Galaxy-Society!?p=6656729&viewfull=1

*About Flat Galaxy Society*

Flat Galaxy Society was founded by war-weary and politically savvy Commanders who wanted to change galactic politics in the core bubble. The search for a suitable system was long and hard but we finally settled on HR 2926. Most of the founding Commanders were Alliance or Independently aligned and democratically leaning and so the Alliance Democracy of the Flat Galaxy Society was born with the aim of spreading democracy and the Alliance philosophy of freedom and respect for independence to the edge of the bubble.

After incredible success in promoting our independent democratic friends throughout the region and pushing a large number of systems into democratic control, FGS members now feel the time is right to promote wider democracy and cooperation under our own faction, the Flat Galaxy Society, an Alliance democracy. Our primary focus will be on promoting and expanding our faction throughout the region, securing trade routes, mining locations, shipyards and other facilities in neutral territories.

We also run social events including Arena sessions and Eagle racing and offer help and guidance to new commanders looking to make their way in a hostile (flat) galaxy. And most importantly we promote the belief that the galaxy is flat (FSV of flat) as confirmed by our leader, the Invisible Pink Unicorn (current whereabouts unknown).

FGS welcomes all career paths among pilots in their ranks with the exception of unprovoked aggression against other Pilots' Federation members.

Where to find us...

We run a Discord server at and their Inara wing is at

So if you'd like to help promote democracy, cooperation and the Alliance with a group of friendly and dedicated commanders, please join our Discord, introduce yourself and have fun!
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