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Helping Digital Content Creators Succeed
Helping Digital Content Creators Succeed

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Hi guys, now that google is allowing google apps users to have google + profiles I have moved my google + profile over to here. Please add my in your circles over there if you aren't completely sick of me yet.

Thank you.

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Hi Everyone. Now that G+ is allowing google apps users I have moved my profile over to my google apps account.

Please share this and add me to your circles at

That is if you aren't sick of me yet.
Eventually G+ will allow me to merge the two, but they say they are a month or so away from that tool being ready.

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Google + is coming for you. muahahahahaha
At Dreamforce in the middle of 43,000 people. First image? Had Google+ on it. More as the keynote happens.

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Thanks for sharing this Steve! Good stuff.

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Very excited about our #BWEChat tonight. Our guest is @Ramon_DeLeon

That's right, I just shared a facebook post about a twitter chat on Google + ! top that one =p.

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Never thought I would be in Inc Magazine. I wonder if they know we are an LLC?
So proud of my bosses +Rick Calvert and +Dave Cynkin , as well as everything BlogWorld has become. Check them out in Inc.!

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If begging on twitter is called "blegging" what do you call begging on Google +?
either way you won't catch me doing a lot of this, but Pedro aka @Dave_blogworld needs your help and your vote in the Ford EcoBoost Challenge: (you can vote once a day).

If he wins all of us San Diegons (if you're a San Diegan you get the reference) get free gas for a day!

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Here is a great post by @myspacetom:

How Google+ will succeed and why you’ll use it whether you want to or not.

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I loved this post by Allison Boyer on our blog today. The History of Blogging:

I know a lot of you are familiar with blogging's glorious and sometimes infamous history. Please stop by the comments and let us know any significant milestones that you think should be included in this post. Or leave them here in this thread.

doing a 6 hour workshop today with +Jason Falls and +DJ Waldow to event organizers on how they can use social media to improve their events. Any tips you think we should share with them? Any google + tips?
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