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Composing, performing, and promoting adventurous new music in Austin, TX.
Composing, performing, and promoting adventurous new music in Austin, TX.

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Thanks to everyone involved in last night's concert for making it a great success. Extra thanks to NMC composers Brent Fariss, +Travis Weller, +Keith Manlove, Sarah Dutcher, and Andrew Stoltz and to the Covergence Vocal Ensemble.

Tonight's the night, friends! Come hear five brand new NMC compositions for the spectacular Convergence Vocal Ensemble! Show up for the pre-concert talks at 7:00 to get insight into four of the composers' processes. See you there!

If you're a composer, performer, artist, organizer, promoter...or you're just interested in adventurous music, tonight would be a great time to drop in on a NMC meeting! It starts at 8:00. (Email for details.)

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8:00 PM (pre-concert talks at 7:00)
Advance tickets available now for $12 at End of an Ear (
$17 at the door
Student tickets discounted to $12

On July 21 Austin New Music Co-op will present the first program of its second decade: "Vessel," a concert devoted to brand new compositions for vocal ensemble. Nine local instrumentalists will take the stage alongside the nationally renowned Austin-based Convergence Vocal Ensemble to perform five accompanied and unaccompanied vocal works. Convergence comprises Gitanjali Mathur (soprano), Laura Mercado (mezzo-soprano), Paul D'Arcy (tenor), and Cameron Beauchamp (bass).

Cultures throughout history have used rituals in different ways. At its essence, a ritual or ceremony is a vessel, which each participant fills with whatever significance she or he chooses. For this concert, five Co-op members have composed brand new works exploring ritual and ceremony. Travis Weller's newest piece sets the four voices alongside a trio of newly constructed string instruments, played by Line Upon Line percussion, which use antique organ pipes as resonators. Brent Fariss will offer a musical study of obsessive compulsive disorder for four voices, horn, trombone, and percussion. Keith Manlove will deconstruct components of rituals in his piece for four amplified voices, interactive electronics, and video. Andrew Stoltz will present a piece for four voices, harmonium, and Weller's original instrument, the owl. For her first composition on an NMC concert, Sarah Dutcher will present an unaccompanied work for four voices. Weller, Fariss, Manlove, and Stoltz are recipients of grants from "New Music USA" (formerly "Meet the Composer") for their contributions to the program.

New Music USA Grant
NMC is also excited to announce that composers Brent Fariss, Keith Manlove, Andrew Stoltz, and Travis Weller have been awarded grants from "New Music USA" (formerly "Meet the Composer") and will be conducting various outreach activities leading up to the concert on July 21. On July 19, the composers will open one of their rehearsals to the public. The rehearsal will be held in Smoot Hall at Central Presbyterian Church (200 E. 8th St.) at 6:30 pm. This will offer a preview of four works being performed at the concert, as well as a glimpse of the preparation process that NMC composers go through to ready their pieces for performance. Admission is free. On July 15 at 8:30 pm, 91.7 KOOP's weekly experimental music show, "Commercial Suicide," will host all four composers, playing recorded excerpts and discussing the concert and their four pieces. One hour before the July 21 concert, the composers will each give a talk about their pieces. They will discuss creative approach, notation, instrumentation, and compositional process.

About Convergence
Convergence is an eclectic and dynamic vocal ensemble that brings professional singers together from across the nation to prepare and present chamber concerts in an inventive and refreshing way. Members also sing with other esteemed professional ensembles around the country, including the Grammy-nominated Conspirare Company of Voices, the Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Vox Humana of Nashville, and the Texas Early Music Project. The four artists for this upcoming performance reside in Austin.

This project is funded and supported in part by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts and the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin's future. Visit Austin at

Funded in part through New Music USA's MetLife Creative Connections program.

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Just two weeks from tomorrow NMC will present the Convergence Vocal Ensemble performing five brand new works by NMC composers. If you haven't heard Convergence before, check out the audio on their website. Yeah, you don't want to miss this performance.

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Remember NMC's US-premiere performance of Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning last year? Well, relive it through this brand new podcast! It includes interviews with the concert organizers and audio excerpts of all seven paragraphs. Thanks again, NewMusicBox!

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A detailed, illustrated review of our tenth anniversary concert. Thanks, NewMusicBox!

The New Music Co-op knows how to put on a show (we've been doing it for ten years). Are you a performer, composer, or organizer who wants to get involved? Attend our meeting at 8:00 tonight! Email for details.

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Happy birthday, NMC! Celebration begins TONIGHT with music by Cornelius Cardew, Morton Feldman, Alvin Lucier, Keith Manlove, and Bill Meadows. Join us!

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Here's another flattering article about our tenth anniversary concerts TOMORROW and Saturday. Do you have your tickets yet?
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