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Thin Content Penalty on my main niche site

Read all about how my leading Amazon based niche site was hammered by Google with a "Thin Content" penalty.  Google cost me $1,200.00 a month!
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Interested in Passive Income?   Check out this update from +Rob Cubbon - He takes a different , but very interesting, approach than I do.  Looking forward to following along.
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I have been watching quietly as +Rob Cubbon has documented his journey in creating a nice passive income. I know plenty of people would have been thrilled with what he was logging Q3 2012 with $2500, but in 2yrs he has turned that into a whopping $15k

Congrat's Rob! 

Oh, and +Larry Deane do you follow what Rob is doing? It's a different approach to passive income than most. 

Read full article here:
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Fall color is definitely just about peak.   Photo I took the other day from our house here in Western NC.
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I wasn't a big Jon Snow fan through the first 4 books.  I mean he was ok, but didn't really stand out for me.   But, the further I get into A Dance With Dragons, the more I'm liking the character.   I mean, he's no Tyrion Lannister, but I like him.  Definitely his Father's son.

#gameofthrones   #winteriscoming   #housestark  
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Well said, and something to really think about.  I don't run any adblock software.   I don't expect valuable information for free - The internet in general needs to stop expecting everything for free.  
Use Adblock? - A Heartfelt Appeal From a Struggling Small Business Owner.
There has been a lot of talk recently on G+ about the popularity of #Adblock and other scripts that seek to disable the display of adverts.

Here is my heartfelt plea to those of you who use, or are considering using Adblocking software.

Consider The Micro-Business.
I have a job, I work hard like many from Monday - Friday, 9am until 6.30pm. I also work some Saturdays and Sundays. I am self-employed, meaning that I do the school runs, I look after the kids during the school holidays. I don't get sick pay or paid holidays or a company pension.

I earn above the minimum hourly wage but not by much. It's my choice, hard work but my choice. There is no team, just me. I do everything myself. I manage my business on my own, just me.

How I Get Paid.
Like any job, I get paid for my services. If you work in the supermarket you get paid for your full or part-time work. I am the same. I get paid but I get paid by online advertising and not by the boss.

My job is running a website, a free information website. I take pride in my website. I pay my taxes every year to the government, I abide by all the rules. My site is spam free. There are no pop-ups, no sneaky links, no hidden malware.

My site is a reflection of me. A hard working one-man honest business. Like the self employed window cleaner, the florist on your local high street.

Adblock Hurts Me.
I have 3 adverts on each page of my website. From these adverts I earn my income, my sole income. My only income. I earn an income from these adverts whether you click OR just view them.

Some sites out there use huge pop-ups trying to get you to sign up for newsletters, eBooks, software. I don't. I just display 3 adverts per page that you can either click or view. They don't hurt you.

My site is not stealing your financial details, I don't require any kind of sign-up or membership. My job is to create information and to display it to interested people. In return I get paid by the advertising revenue.

I get a little. I don't have a huge fancy house, we have one car in the family. My partner leaves the house at 6.30am and returns at 6.30pm. We are a hard working modest family, just like 1000s of others.

So PLEASE can I ask that you consider how you use #Adblocking software. You are hurting me, but I am sure you do not mean to hurt the honest webmaster. I am sure you enjoy visiting websites that don't use pop-ups, that don't have loud autoplaying videos.

Would you consider helping the small, independant website. The 1000s of people who work hard to put information online for you. Just like you would support your local shops.

Can I ask that you look at how you use Adblock, is there a way you could build a personalised block list, rather than block all our income by default.

Can you consider using your browser's built in pop-up blocker, it works. Can I ask that you consider using your browser's private / incognito setting.

Can I ask that you look at the types of websites you visit and perhaps consider changing your choice of sites. Avoid the spammy ones.

Software like AVG (and many others) can display safe browsing links when you perform a search on Google.

There are many ways you can help small business survive. Help me and 1000s of others feed our children. I am not joking. My income from advertising feeds my family.

If my income is reduced and reduced by Adblocking I will be unemployed. Something at the age of 43 I would not look forward to. This would have a terrible effect on my family. The kids, my partner. All of us.

Please think just for a moment about how you use Adblock and the harm it can also cause the small guy/gal.

Does your dislike of spammy sites mean you have to punish me too?

We need your support. We provide a service, we just ask for fair payment for a fair day's work. Is it too much to ask for that?

Just a little consideration and little thought. I will go out of business and become unemployed long long before Google and Facebook ever will.

Why hurt me? What did I do wrong? 

Thank you very much for your time,
#adblock   #adblockplus   #smallbiz   #britpack  
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Panda 4.1 - Another example of Google once again swinging the hammer too hard.

The graph below is traffic from one of my niche review sites, that was penalized this weekend for "thin content" - All reviews are at least 750 words, lots of good information, and the majority of it from hands on reviews I personally wrote.  I've seen thin sites, and still do doing Google searches this morning.  Mine was not thin.

Just lost $1,200.00 dollars a month ... thanks #google  

Some advice: Don't bother creating niche sites anymore, Google doesn't like them and with the new sandbox it takes far too long to rank, just to be hammered by a Panda update a few months later.  

Instead, build content rich authority sites and drive your traffic from sites other than Google, as Google is making it near impossible for us "little guys" to rank anymore anyway.  I have sites that are completely white hat, have mainly 1000 word+ articles, with zero affiliate links, and they aren't ranking in the top 2 pages more than a year later.  All of my traffic?  From Facebook.
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Welp, I just got the dreaded "thin content" warning on one of my Amazon niche sites, one I was earning $1200.00 a month from.   Completing not ranking for anything now.

I had 5 sites I had created that linked to it - I guess Google either found those and considered them PBNs OR They are starting to crack down on Amazon based review sites.  I took the 5 other sites down as I wasn't really earning or ranking anything from them, and removed any other follow or nofollow links I had from my other sites and submitted a reconsideration request.  I doubt it will make a difference, but worth a try I guess.

Here's the weird thing though, I had other sites in my WMT account with links from those same 5 sites, yet none of my other sites have been impacted or received the warning.   That leads me to believe it wasn't because of the links from those sites, but maybe a more targeted manual review of Amazon review sites ??

This is the third time Google has screwed me like this.  I'm not even going to focus on Google anymore.  Going to focus on other traffic sources going forward, I am tried of them hitting me like this.

I'll give them a week or so and see if they respond or do anything on the reconsideration request, and if not I'll reserve a new domain and move the content over.  then wait the dreaded 6-months for the sandbox.

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As I'm sure may of you know, quizzes are all the rage on social media right now.  They can be a fun way to drive traffic to your websites.  

I found a pretty slick quiz plugin that I've been using:  (Not my plugin, I just found it really useful and thought I would share - not affiliated with it in anyway).  There are a few others out there as well, but liked this one as it was easy to use, and got the job done.

If you want to see an example quiz I did with it, go here:

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Our top favorite hiking trails in The Blue Ridge Mountains

Have you been on any of these?

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Fun and informative quiz I put together.
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