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MaryAnn Sansonetti-Wood
Teacher, Crafter, Maker, Integrator
Teacher, Crafter, Maker, Integrator

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Is the option for video or audio when to snap together gone? For example 2 videos are next to one another, I cut a portion of the beginning of the second video delete it and now there is a gap. I have to move the second video to put it next to the first. I believe it use to automatically snap together to remove the gap. Is there a setting I can change to snap them together?

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Teach agriculture through the Peterson Farm Bros. 

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I was on a Nat Geo webinar tonight and thought I would share the link. 

I would love for anyone to share ideas of things you are doing differently next year. - I have scaled down my vocab and incorporated the lists Nancy Watson created. 

What text are you using next year? We were told we would be using Rubenstein 11th ed. but I found out from my API today he ordered the 12th ed. I am happy. Curious what you are using.

Welcome +Rebecca Nutter and +Richard Dyer ... please invite others so we can share!

What edition are you going to next year? We were told it was the Rubenstein 11th ed but when I asked my API about what was ordered it looks like we are getting the 12th edition. I am happy! I read a lot on the FB page about errors in 11.

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Urban models in APHG
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I am doing a practice exam on Saturday with my students who are interested. Have you looked over/downloaded the Practice exam from College Board? I have a few questions if you have it. 
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