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Kelly Lowe
Kelly Lowe - Glassblower, Studio Owner
Kelly Lowe - Glassblower, Studio Owner

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Hello all, thank you for the invitation to this community. I don't make mosaics myself (glassblower here), but I think it's a beautiful art form and so thought I'd join and watch what you guys have to share.

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Thank you so much for the invitation to this community! I've spent the last while going through the posts here, and I think I'm gonna have fun checking out all of your work in the coming days. I don't have too many pieces based on the human figure, but I often get asked to design around that theme when I'm commissioned to make a custom piece to be used as an award. I find it a really enjoyable process, as I'm often trying to convey "humanness" using only a very few indicative elements: sometimes the piece having a head and shoulders are the only indicators I have to convey to the viewer that this IS a figure... which can be a lot of fun.

Oh yeah... my name is Kelly Lowe, and I'm a glassblower. Hello!

I'll include a picture just for fun. This piece was made for MacMaster University to honour prominent members of the Internal Medicine field. The piece is meant as a combination of a human figure with a twisting band of DNA, complete with the classic double helix. I thought it turned out pretty well, though my photography skills still aren't up to par with the difficulty of photographing glass, I'm sorry to say.

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Howdy folks... thank you so much for the invitation to the group. My name is Kelly, and I'm a glassblower, and have been a glassblower for a long time... in fact I think I may have been born a glassblower. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I blow glass.

I'm hoping we can get some good discussion going on here... there's nothing wrong with promoting yourself of course, but I'm always interested to hear what other people are up to and their thoughts on being handmade in a mass manufactured world. There's nothing saying you can't promote at the end of an insightful post!

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Open House - Today and Tomorrow - Stoney Creek/Hamilton Ontario

If you're in the mood to come on down and see some of my work from the glassblowing shop these last few months, including a great selection of blown glass ornaments I whipped up for the occasion, I invite you to come on down to my studio today and tomorrow (Dec. 1-2nd) for a cup of coffee, some snacks and to poke around in my studio. It probably helps if you live near Hamilton, Ontario. :)

Kelly Lowe Glass
265 Barton Street, Unit 39 
Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 2K4

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Christmas Ornaments - The Value of Hand Blown

This is a very interesting season for glassblowers, as it's a time of year when our work appeals to a wider range of people who may not normally be as interested in handmade work. Probably the best example of this can be seen with ornaments: glassblowers make ornaments that can become traditions, becoming more and more precious as each year passes. Each blown glass ornament is literally made with the breath of their creator, and are made one at a time to ensure that each is different and unique. On the financial side, glassblower made ornaments really aren't all that much more expensive than the generic mass manufactured stuff you'll find at your local department store, and yet the quality, strength and beauty of the glassblower's ornaments are simply in a different league all together: our work is meant to last a lifetime (or more!), to be treasured and add something special to your celebrations. They also make brilliant, thoughtful gifts that as an added benefit will leave your pocketbook intact: for example I sell my ornaments for $14 a piece or a box of four for $52... when was the last time your were able to buy a present that shows thought, care and taste for under $15?

So when you're looking for gifts this year, or looking to start a new holiday tradition, consider a hand blown ornament by a glassblower. If you're looking for a local glassblower the best chance is often to look online for your area, as it can be hard to find them in yellow pages and the like: they tend to put us into strange categories where you'll never find us. Another option is to visit local galleries: they often have hand blown ornaments on display at this time of year, and they might have what you're looking for or be able to point you in the direction of your local glass artisan. Failing all that, I do offer my Christmas balls for sale through my online store at . You'd still be supporting a local artist, just maybe not YOUR local artist. :) 

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Inspiration Comes From the Stupidest Places

A couple years ago a close friend, apparently having just discovered Microsoft Paint for the first time, decided it would be a great idea to flood my inbox with some of his "incredible" drawings. Most of them featured crudely drawn creatures in bizarre, inexplicable situations that usually made you go "What the?!" at the end. I thought this was rather funny, and so I headed into the hotshop and got to work making the characters from one of these drawings, which I then popped in the mail and surprised my friend with. End result? We both thought the other person was slightly weirder than we did before this whole exchange.

These are three pictures from that event: the original picture that began it all, the top hatted caterpillar, and the intolerant protester who was apparently named "Justin".  
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My Ornaments

I hope you'll excuse a moment of vanity as I test out my new +1 button on my online store. I figured I'd make my test with my hand blown ornaments, since it does seem to be getting to that time when people are looking for something unique and handmade for their Christmas Tree, or as a gift. It's always nice to see that in this world of so much mass manufactured sameness there are still those who hold to values involving craftsmanship  quality, uniqueness and a support for the arts and the artists of the world. I like those people... it's thanks to them I have a job I love.

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I now have my own online store!

It's true, really, I didn't just make that up. You can even check it out by following the link, if you don't believe me.

Basically this store is a place for me to sell smaller shipable pieces that people might be interested in. Things like Christmas ornaments, smaller bowls and vases, sculpted pieces and so on. Everything is fully handmade of course, and you can shop happy knowing that you're supporting an independent artist and business. Also, I send an imaginary cookie along with every order, and it's not even poisoned or anything! 
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