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Josie Bisett
Bringing PASSION to the Bedroom!
Bringing PASSION to the Bedroom!

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Testing testing.....1, 2...... It's so freakin hard to get back into this. So I'm just gonna do it. And not worry about how it reads for now. I'm just getting back out there. Josie on the blog. There's plenty of time to worry about quality writing and shit ...

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Passion Baby Scout is OUT - #NewsYouCanUse  - May 2015

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Your most important sex toy... Is your tongue! (and I'm talking about #TALKING  )

#BedroomSecrets   #PassionParties   #funFact  

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This is my #1 bestseller! Why? Because this lube is freakin awesome!!! The tiniest bit goes the longest way ~ and it ain't icky! In fact you won't even feel it on your hands after it dries!! It's water based and reactivates in water. It's the FIRST thing I recommend to improve your sex life 110%! grin emoticon Only $17 retail!! smile emoticon Surveys all indicate sex is better for both partners and orgasms are easier to achieve with a GOOD quality lube!!

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It's past the 'watershed' as we like to say in ol' Blighty! Which means 'after 9 o'clock'. Time for some grown-up viewing!! Don't be scared! Lol!! I'd like to introduce y'all to the Form 2 Luxury edition ~ the most powerful personal massager on the planet, bar NONE!!!! This little powerhouse will help relieve muscular pain anywhere on your body, assists with intense and deep tissue massage, and it can even relieve your sinus pressure if you hold it against your nose!!! hehe!! But best of all, this magical massager was designed in mind to satisfy the most resistant of clitorises! Guaranteed orgasms. Yes, I did say ORGASMS with an 's'. It's completely waterproof, holds a charge for well over four hours and has beautiful gold accents! Keep your new best friend ultra clean with our new foaming toy cleanser – completely FREE in this month's special!

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I'm having so much fun at the #PassionPartiesCon21  in Las Vegas I can hardly stand it! But, I guess I'll just have to try!

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This Passion Parties by Josie review on yelp has been relegated to the #YelpNotRecommendedReviews  section but it is flattering all the same! Thank you Daniel, a.k.a danichu eNterprises, for these incredibly kind words and your 5 star rating even if it doesn't "count".


Full Disclosure Here - I am married to THE Josie from Passion Parties by Josie, and I occasionally blog about my experiences as the husband of a Passion Parties Independent Consultant in my blog "Passion Parties Hubby" at (…).

But, although my opinion may be prejudiced slightly by our relationship, I am not biased - check her other reviews on her website -… Simply put, Josie is a class act. She is a consummate professional and takes her job as a sexpert/relationship coach incredibly seriously. She is constantly researching the latest theories from enhancing clitoral stimulation, to locating that sometimes elusive g-spot, to which personal massagers, creams, lubes and toys work best for which types of women (and men) under which circumstances. 

She genuinely believes in Passion Parties products and simply will not sell you anything she herself does not believe in. If she receives negative feedback on a product, she is quick to contact other independent consultants in her team to see if they too have had any similar negative reviews. Fortunately, these negative reviews are few and far between, but when they do occur, she gets to the bottom of it! (No pun intended.)

Although Josie's parties are fun and do include games, they are at their very root educational. It is without a doubt that with 10 different women in a room, there will be 10 different opinions and life experiences. Josie leaves nothing at the door and is armed and ready to answer those oft times tough and (although there really is not need for them to be) embarrassing questions. What's more, because she requires that there be a private ordering room, she has been known to provide individual coaching on the spot that remains completely confidential.

Although this is a 'part-time' business, (we have 3 little ones at home that she takes care of through the day), Josie is always around to help coach her upcoming hostesses, discuss private orders with individual clients, and train her ever growing team of consultants (she manages Team Bedroom Secrets and can be found on if you happen to be interested in knowing more about the job or what she can do for you).

Did I mention that Josie was ranked #2 in her team of just over 1000 consultants in July (true story -…)!! AND, very few people know this about Josie, she has chosen to be a Passion Parties Consultant over being a petrophysicist for a major international oil company. Did I mention she really DOES believe in these products?!

Lastly, she is British! Who doesn't love a British accent, right?

Honestly, you could not find a harder working, more caring and considerate professional business woman to consult your party (or lead you to build your very own Passion Parties business if you were so inclined)!

So what are you waiting for? Call her, text her, or review her yourself!

She is one in a million!

Have I mentioned that I am a Passion Parties Hubby, and I am PROUD of it!?

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My latest Passion Parties #newsletter   is out! Get your orders in by Feb. 5th to make sure you get all of your goodies before #valentinesday2015   And learn about the latest toy, the #Form2    which has been added to our inventory (order now and get two extra products as a bonus!) 
All this and more - inside!

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The really early miscarriage.
A few weeks ago Daniel and I had the BEST news and we were quick to share it with our loved ones. Some would say too quick. I was brought up with the old adage, 'Don't count your chickens before they hatch!' and never was there a more fitting situation.. Bu...

Passion .parties by Josie was originally conceived of during a discussion I had with some girlfriends of mine which was actually started when one of them mentioned the insane Texas law that makes it illegal to have more than 6 vibrators in your possession!

Read all about it in the blog I wrote way back when: 
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