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Andrew Hennigan
Lecturer, Speaker Coach, Writer
Lecturer, Speaker Coach, Writer

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Speaking: How to Tell Stories Without Memorizing Words
One of the secrets of effective speaking is to be able to tell stories that make your point. Stories are much easier to follow, they have greater impact and they are more memorable to the audience. Ask someone in the audience later which parts of your talk ...

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Five Ways to Get More LinkedIn Connection Requests Accepted
Though I try to keep up with incoming LinkedIn connection requests there is still a backlog in my pending list. Some are probably spammers and some are just people who have no idea who I am, but there are probably some genuine requests in the list. Looking ...

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Speaking: Three Reasons to Use a Microphone
Watch behind the scenes at any event long enough and sooner or later you'll hear a speaker refuse the microphone, saying "That's ok, I can manage without it."  Perhaps they can 'manage', but they should still use the microphone for reasons that might not be...

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Three Best Practices from TEDx for Everyday Presentations
In real life I am one of the speaker coaches at TEDxStockholm. People often ask how they can learn to speak TED style, but to do it just like a TED or TEDx talk they would need more time than they would normally budget for even an important presentation. TE...

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De-escalating Message Conflicts in the Workplace
Most conflicts and tensions in the workplace start with a misunderstood or poorly conceived written message. At one time they were mostly emails but today they can also be text messages sent through sms or messaging apps. Written messages have the massive d...

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Speaking from a Big Stage
Speaking in large venues isn't the same as speaking in a smaller space and you have to adapt your technique to achieve the best results. Most people are simply concerned about the size of the audience and worry that they will be intimidated. In my experienc...

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Why You Should Introduce Your Connections
You might have noticed that some people introduce you to their other friends while others seem to prefer keeping their friendships separate. Partly this is culturally determined -- in some cultures people are more inclined to try to bring different friends ...

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Three Strategies for Unexpected Speaking Topics
One situation that worries many speakers is being asked to make an impromptu speech without preparation. This is not really such a difficult situation because normally you will be asked to speak about some topic on which you have something interesting to sa...

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Avoiding Networking Overload
When I speak about networking one common question is how to avoid spending too much time on this activity. Wouldn't you have no time left for your day job if you do all the things that networking lectures and books describe? In reality this problem is very ...

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Why Meeting the Audience Before a Speech is a Good Idea
One simple, practical tip that will make almost any speech, presentation, talk or pitch more effective is to talk to the audience beforehand. You don't need to talk to everyone and you don't need to talk to them very long, but you do need to establish conta...
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