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Wow, no one has posted anything in my Google+ news feed since 2011. Google+ is so minimal and sleek!

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Check out what #Zoomdata  has been working on! Beta launch later this month!

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Zoomdata on Slashdot

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An interesting article on being successful in our changing world.

productivity tip for mac users:

echo "" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

run in terminal, boom, no Facebook for you

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Wow, this is perfect. 

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I heard a republican sound bite talking about how certain laws (regulations) are unnecessary. This is pretty easy to defend, they used the example of traffic lights. If it's 3am and no one is driving, the politician was saying he wouldn't hesitate to run the light. Sure, I think anyone can get behind that, it makes sense. But, I think they missed the whole point. Maybe the whole system is messed up. Instead of avoiding the shortcomings of regulations, shouldn't we fix them?

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Looks like I know what I'm doing over Christmas break! :D
More FREE COURSES from Stanford University. Great opportunity.
Computer Science
- Game Theory
- Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
- Cryptography
- Software Engineering for Software as a Service
- Natural Language Processing
- Computer Science 101
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Probabilistic Graphical Models

- Lean Launchpad
- Technology Entrepreneurship

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