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Hey, ya'll! I found a great Hooligan FB group, but I use G+ so I started this community. I hope to get a wide range of people here from those that have years of experience modifying Hooligans to people just thinking of buying one.  I just started messing with my Hooligan after it pretty much sat idle for 2-3 years, only being ridden occasionally. But over the past month I have been riding it a lot and upgrading a little bit (just some new tires and pedals). I mostly commute to work ten miles each way and an occasional short trek. The other day I blessed my Hooligan with some trail riding on a local trail called Seneca Ridge Trail and it was so much fun and great exercise. 
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Kevin Gearhart

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Thousands of websites are planning a massive online protest against surveillance on February 11th.
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Kevin Gearhart

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Picture says it all...
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Joy wants to know also. Hehe...
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Kevin Gearhart

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Google's End-of-Year Awesome Video
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This is an auto Google thingy that actually turned out pretty good. Usually it's a mishmash and rather goofy and/or odd.
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I'd give my right arm (not really) to have the "all chat" separated into two different channels: one for chat between the factions and one status updates (i.e. MOD destroyed, resonator deployed, etc...). Has there been any talk of this? I know I could just use the Total Conversion plugin, but I like the aesthetics of the stock intel much better (I'm metrosexual like that). And that still leaves the app with just two channels. 
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So... no one has heard any official or unofficial chatter about the possibility of this (or something similar) happening? 
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