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Sariwon North Hwanghae, North Korea
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X Xx's profile photo
X Xx
5 months ago
It is disappointing to look upon the human culture and see how low it has gone. I encourage others to stand up against these cruel jokes along with me.
Simon Outing
a year ago
Disapointing Indeed: Hard times indeed have now hit this area and they have removed the complimentary shampoo from the "freebies" one used to receive in the wash room. If going there, speak to Senior Prison Officer "Tae-Sun" and if you give him a few American dollars he will do his utmost to steal you some from the general. Would I go there again - I don't really know especially as I found that after we landed back in China on Air Koryo that the left engine was stuck on with just hook and eye Velcro tape due to international limitations on getting raw products such as steel bolts.
• • •
213AMN's profile photo
4 months ago
Really enjoyed my stay here
Jordan Beane's profile photo
Jordan Beane
2 years ago
Come for the starvation, unjust imprisonment and terrifying vision of hell on earth. Stay because you're dead.
Kenton Sallee's profile photo
Kenton Sallee
a year ago
When I walked in everyone stared and stood still. I tried explaining that I had seen Sariwon on google+ and it had a high rating, but unfortunately I don't speak Korean so they just continued to stare then called security. Getting kicked out of a prison was awkward and didn't seem to fit the modus operandi of the facility.
Ryan Neely's profile photo
Ryan Neely
2 years ago
North Korea was the only place I was able to fly to with my accumulated Mastercard points, so I found myself in North Hwanghae for a long weekend getaway in October. I was asking around trying to find a Holiday Inn Express but I was mistakenly escorted to Sariwon Prison. For it's lack of amenities (no free mini shampoos, and a mandatory 14-18 daily hours of forced labor), the Sariwon has a certain hopeless, soul sucking charm. The staff are incredibly professional, and the food and water, while infrequent and perhaps unsuitable for human palates, certainly captured the local flavor. My biggest complaint is that the singles scene was a bit underwhelming and the constant drone of Supreme Leader Un's recorded speeches lacked variety. Would recommend with reservations.
• • •
GW Scott's profile photo
GW Scott
2 years ago
I will always treasure the time I spent there. The Sariwon staff does everything in their power to make your stay a memorable one. At Sariwon Prison, I would awake each morning feeling refreshed and invigorated, and it was always fun to try to guess what new treats the chefs had dreamed up for that day. Forgetting troubling ideas about freedom, truth and the basic rights of all human beings can be difficult. The people at Sariwon relish the opportunity to help you forget, and they have been specially trained to show you how to see the beautiful truth all around you in North Korea. You will emerge from your stay with a new appreciation for how lucky you are to live in the eternal worker's paradise, for your Supreme Leader (he used to be just the spoiled child of a dictator, but now he's a demi-god with his finger on the nuclear button!) and a new-found fear of the evil, corrupting influence of all foreigners. If it weren't for your wonderful Democratic Peoples' Republic, you would live in a violent world of brutality and near-starvation, just like those poor, deluded people in the West. Check out Sariwon Prison for your next holiday. You'll be glad you did!
• • •
Bob Neumann's profile photo
Bob Neumann
2 years ago
Bring a space heater. I enjoyed the Moe Howard haircuts they give for free