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I have no plans for this weekend at all. How confounding.

Dear Ruby,
Your RVM is bad and you should feel bad.

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Once again, Jim Hines has redone a song to be about books. I like it better than Baby Got Book.

So the Reason Rally was fun.
-A few speakers a little crazy.
-Some really inspiring speakers.
-The inherent scariness of people as mobs.
-Got to see the WBC, who were even scarier.
-The fact that is was revolving around secular issues, not rationality.
-Secular only implies you are rational in one aspect of your life, not all, and it showed.
-Ate a really expensive hot dog.
-Got to see Tim Minchin live, with a lot of people who hadn't heard him before.

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And this is why I'm in late to work today. Python bug catching! For Money!

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Well played.

Tweet link: #SOPA #sopablackout

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I miss Wikipedia, but its being down let me find wolfram's math reference site.

Almost forgot! Thank you engineers for keeping my building safe while the earth shakes!

Earthquake process of elimination: Truck passing? no. Vertigo? no. Stroke? no. Oh, hey, the building glass is all rippling-Earthquake!

Dear Netflix: Can I please watch movies on Linux? Pretty please? You are my main cause of reboots these days.
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