Is bribing college students a way of engagement in environmental discussion? via +Justin Bale
via Earth Justice

What do you do when you're the coal industry and you want people to like you when they really don't? Why you pay them $50 and a free lunch of course!

The coal industry was caught redhanded trying to bribe starving college students to wear pro-coal t-shirts at an EPA hearing yesterday by offering them $50 and a free lunch. They couldn't ask the students outright of course, so they posted an anonymous ad on Craigslist instead. Check out the photo and the Craigslist ad! You can sure as heck bet that environmental and public health groups did not pay the woman wearing the "I Love Clean Air" t-shirt next to the poor student with the blurred-out face.

So let's have a little fun with the coal industry... Since they were so insistent on remaining anonymous with their Craigslist ad, let's spread this as far and wide to everyone we know! Click "SHARE" or "LIKE" or tweet this out to your friends. We think the coal industry could use a lesson in transparency...

(Many thanks to our friends at Environmental Law & Policy Center for uncovering this story....)
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