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Scott Melrose

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In the pipelines...
Greetings passers by! I'm currently in the midst of a creative spree working on both comics and pieces of prose. I thought given the situation I should make a rare blog post. I have word back that the short story "Bloody Mother" with art from Denis Vermesse...

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PULSE by Scott Melrose I hear the screams from inside the machine How could this be what someone’s dream coulda been? Beneath the wires and chips there's a heart that still beats A number to be seen but still a real human being We connect through the stream...

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Bit of press for 100% Bio-degradable #9!!!
 100% Bio-degradable #9 has received its first bit of press thus far from John Freeman at downthetubes. “Lucid Dreams” by Scott Melrose and Denis Vermesse, lettered by Ken Reynolds, a macabre and haunting dream of
death for one tortured soul… with a sting ...

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Debut comic out in a fantastic anthology!
Yeah so 100% Bio-Degradable #9 is now available! Grab it here fir 69p OAFT I've read it, its fantastic. Features awesome british (and euro) talent, and also my own debut short comic "Lucid Dr...

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New track from my favourite bard. "New direction" burzum is about all I listen to today. Fantastic
A brand new track from Varg 'the bard'.

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the 45% has increased by 5% it would seem.  MON THE SNP!
#VoteSNP #UKelection  

Think its safe to say the people of Scotland have made their point this morning!

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