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This is some music I wrote around 10 years ago. I've had the recordings sitting out on my home page forever, but with Google Play's artist hub I thought it would be fun to put up there as a "real" album.

This music is a time when I went from having just a simple little Yamaha TG-100 sound module (a couple of the songs are done only on that), to an E-Mu Proteus 2000 (with awesome Planet Earth and Xtreme Lead expansions) and Roland V-Drum set. It was great fun.

EDIT: I should mention that everything was written on my brother's sequencer Temper first on BeOS and later on Windows when he ported it there. I love that software for writing music, and still use it.

EDIT: And if you are outside of the U.S., this same stuff (and and a little more) can be found on my web site at
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free tunes, i'll give it a listen.
Ooh, I like those sounds. Synth is like carbon-14 for music. Some are very distinctive and you instantly know what decade it's from.
love orchestral stabs!
This very nice. You should have included your "A Growing Concern", I particularly like that track. Thank you for publishing your work.
I still have the CD of this that you gave me ~10 years ago :)
whoa... even the Google Play's artist hub content is not available internationally?
While listening, I was thinking to myself "this could be the theme music for the next MI movie". Then I looked at the title, "Spies with Guns". Pretty good Dianne!
"We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country." ... why i cant buy your song? ... you sold rights in europe to someone? :-)
Me too, same problem with as "+Richard Karmazín" ...
I will have to do the same with my own music, then make it only available in Canada. :)
Your percussion writing is quite tight...I take it there's some analog skill/background there informing it?
Sorry to everyone who can't get to these from outside the US... the same stuff (and a little more as well as some descriptions of the songs) is also at on my web site, and I don't plan to remove that.

I know it is frustrating to have limits on access like that, but it seems like IP laws are a minefield for this kind of stuff so I understand it taking a while and being conservative. For example, just having a service where people can upload their own songs and not share them has been of questionable legality in the US at some points... and for a while (maybe still) there were odd situations where it may be legal to upload your own stuff for personal use, but illegal for the company maintaining the uploads to do simple compression by just looking for files that are the same and storing only one copy, just due to case law. It's a strange world.
+Ronald Czik Thanks, I wasn't sure what to do about it since Google Play seems pretty oriented around albums and currently that is just sitting out all by its lonesome. Guess the solution is to get back to working on more stuff so I have enough pieces to count as another album. :p
+Christopher Woo Thanks a bunch, yeah I played drums through school -- symphony, percussion ensembles, marching band, etc. I do wish I could actually play the set like some of that!
Ah, your musical career sounds much like mine...ensemble percussion, marching of these days I'll get back to practicing my set skills. :)
Google Play Artist Hub sounds like a good idea. I look forward to it rolling out more globally. In the meantime I've downloaded your music off your website and am giving it a list right now. I find myself wishing for a real orchestra. But I like it very much so far.
I finished listening a little while ago, and my opinion is the same. I liked it very much. Thanks for sharing, Dianne. Some day I'll put my tracks up for you to listen to.
Thanks for sharing. Cats always write such great music ;-)
I just found this through the "shared with me" link in Google music. I'm enjoying it. Thanks :-)
Well it's June and I can access your music in Denmark, so it must be available now internationally.  Yay! Now we just need to get access to movies ;^)
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