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AppleInsider's obsession with Android is...  remarkable.

Normally I wouldn't post links to these kinds of articles and give them more traffic...  but, dammit, AppleInsider gives me some good entertainment close to once a week.  This is kind-if like linking to The Onion, really.
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Amon RA
The reality distortion field is still strong...
The last I heard, the need to destroy a phone OS comes from Apple. 
+Dianne Hackborn When Google finally abandons that silly thing called Android, I'll hire you. ;) What a silly article.
I saw this earlier and I just couldn't finish reading it...
yeah, it's like a train wreck happening right in front of your eyes. a self-proclaimed "expert" in full disassembly ... but really, even apple fans often read apple insider as being more like the onion than like a real news source ;)
Wow. This is like reading a Scientology pamphlet.
Google now has to enter the automotive market on its own. After failed attempts to bring Android into tablets, home automation and TV, that would appear to be a difficult task.

Apple puts Siri in cars? How sweet. Meanwhile Google makes self-driving cars.
"Failed attempts to bring Android into tablets". :D
After reading this I get the feeling the writer really doesn't understand the difference between Android and Chrome. Android is an entire OS while Chrome is just a thin client. They have very different purposes for existing and accomplish their various tasks beautifully in their own way. I get trying to go the "business" route of explaining the pros and cons, but there is also a technical and practical explanation that supersedes the business talk. 
It looks like a crazy stupid story does generate clicks which means ads which means money for them so I say I refuse to contribute to their supply of money by reading such garbage 
Why does Apple insider feel the need to run North Korean Government level propaganda?
Nick Coad
My head is exploding from all the fabrications, inconsistencies and rumour-as-fact reporting in that article. Jesus. It's like it's a really long joke with no actual punchline. 
I wouldn't worry. Hopefully this android thing will take off one day. Who knows it may even end up in millions of devices? One can dream right. 
Wow, I read down to where they say it makes sense to call chrome cast what it is and thought that was the end of the article. But that was just the beginning 
Now that's what I call professional trolling. Impressive :-)

But to be fair, some Android fanboys (and I'm one) can be at least as bad. Our fanboys ARE better than theirs ! Aren't they ?

And yes, it would appear that ChromeCast IS indeed running Android and not ChromeOS. It was even rooted yesterday, afaict.
+Aws Al-Samarrie - I every time I see this kind of junk (regardless of the target), I can practically hear Mark Twain saying "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.".
Nick Coad
+Bertrand Dunogier I don't know, I mean I haven't seen any major Android news sites claiming that iOS has failed and Apple are trying to move away from it. I mean that's the level of crazy we're talking here. 
You have a point... well, even though I couldn't define how they're different exactly, both brands do not call for the same  level of fanatism I  think...

On a statistical level, I think that the android fans aren't as forgiving as the Apple ones. They will criticize their favorite brand, and most will think it is perfectly normal, and would be wrong not to do so.
I ran into that article following the link from Google News, and it was so funny. There is no other place to pull these speculations than out of their ass.
+Bertrand Dunogier yeah I feel the same way. It feels like even though the worst of each camp are just as bad as each other, the problem is less widespread among Android users. That said, I have nothing solid to back that up, it's just a general impression I've gotten. 
I think that putting Android into the user interface for the self driving cars would be great. IF there is free time after the great Apple asskicking of 2013 has finished.
Funny stuff. It's like an atheist listening to a christian explain why they should believe in god.
The reality distortion is strong with this one...
I love how Apple ppl love to point out phones before iPhone & then after. That's like comparing the first car with AC, and then everyone after it. Of course they will look similar as they are all cars with AC systems, just as phones all look the same. What a dumb argument. Why don't they show how they innovated "stole" ideas from Palm and other pre-iPhone's. Hyperlink trademark anyone? 
Well, it seems to be that fighting an opponent by attacking his credibility in any possible way is now massively accepted, is it not ?

If you can't beat em... Bag on them as much as possible?
This is what I call trash, incorrect information for the blind public (they're only blind because they want to be) that don't understand the underlying technologies. Chromecast has in fact some Android in it, which also means it has a Unix/Linux core. The same happens with iOS. Whatever GUI they put on top of it that's a whole different story. And of course Chromecast has just like ChromeOS, a much more reduced set of instructions and code. These operating systems are optimized for specific tasks and devices... When the ignorant that wrote the article says that Google failed with Android in the Tablet market, it's obvious that either she didn't check the numbers of tablets sold until now with Android operating systems, or she is trying to throw sand at the readers eyes, typical fanboys that think Apple rules the world... Well, since Steve Jobs died there hasn't been one single innovative product coming out of their labs... Maybe they should think more and talk about this, instead of bashing a more than healthy competition. Sorry for writing so much... This are my 2 cents.
I tried to read the article and I felt my IQ dropping due to the level of trolling and manipulated "facts".

Proof positive that anyone with a computer and a few bucks for a website can write "news" now.
Frggin hillrious that tbis site is accusing anyone of copying apple
+Allan Curtis I guess next they will say that Google copied iOS7 when they released ICS year and a half earlier O_o. Damn time machines...
And after he wrote this whole long bunch of nonsense, he went to his room to macturbate peacefully.
[Satire] Google to drop Android? I can see why, the competitors are distancing themselves as much as possible from every aspect of it. Apple for example, have been putting in features that are so far from Android lately just to distance themselves.

Things like the Notification bar, quick settings and new style overlays were obviously put in to distance themselves from the Android style of doing things. I can certainly see why, as Android is barely on thousands of devices worldwide and is about as popular as a christening in Pakistan.

In fact, Google themselves are going out of business soon I hear due to their frequent terrible business decisions and lack of new ideas.

Search is dead, Maps are dead, Android is dead, Chrome is dead. Self driving cars are a pipe dream. Sell your Google stocks now guys, it's only downhill from here! [/Satire]
Chris C
The article isn't even the problem, it's the damn comments that's making me laugh. Apple fanboys are actually eating this up it's amazing. Don't they realize Apple wouldn't be where it's at today if it wasn't for Android and vice versa? There's so many things about the article that are just wrong. Have the nerve to think Apple maps can compete with Google, didn't Tim Cook apologize for the atrocity that's Apple maps? Didn't ios users outrage when they couldn't use Google maps? Apple maps still for some reason doesn't support public transportation, what good is a map if doesn't give you information regarding public transportation?

Google got into the mobile market to bring their products in people's hands. Plain and simple Google invested to much time in android to just abandon it. An apple fanboy can only dream I guess. 
I tried to read it. Couldn't get more than about half way and felt that it was too much B.S. for me to handle this early on a Monday. 
Do any products without intellectual property issues even exist any more in this brave new patent trolling world?
Wishful thinking and liberal use of "could" and "might" never make good journalism.
This piece kinda portray Google as evil with lust for money.

On the contray.....

Fruit company doesn't even release a fart until they are absolutely sure they would make tons of money with that. They even make sure whoever paid for the the same essence before would pay again.

But, hey, as long as people like us exists who want show off how essence dizzy we are, they will keep pilling the cash. 
+Bertrand Dunogier On the internet the tags are always necessary. You never know when somebody will misinterpret you as a rabid supporter of the opposition.
Apple insider? No thanks, macrumors, boy genius, and 9-5 Mac work for me. Zero Android bashing.
" In 2012 Apple hit Google again with the surprise launch of its own Maps" ahh, what a wonderful sentence. Ha!
Interesting perspective. ( even though the article seems to be riddled with inconsistencies)
Set iPhasers on Dumb!

AppleInsider should sick to what they do best: not knowing sh!t about what's going on inside Apple. 
Why any post pubescent person would invest time in these gadget wars is beyond me. In my day it was Ford vs Chevy, smartphones the new hot rod. Leave these flame wars to the high schoolers. Both platforms are great and have their relative merits. Discuss the relative pros and cons sure but leave this other garbage to the kiddos. 
Sure they where have I heard this tale before or should I say how many? 
This looks like a desperate way to say apple is cool an fail, and saying Android tablets had fail lol when the nexus 7 went out of stock in 2 days on retailers lol so many Bs stuff on that post
Right....I'll have whatever this idiot is smoking!!!
Article fails to mention, Chromecast runs on Android.
+Chris Robato That's factually incorrect.  Chromecast runs a striped down version of Chrome OS which is not Android.
Just by looking at the title, I know that it's going to be a joke. Are you sure this is not The Onion? Lol
The article is full of lies from maniac apple fan, but it is a worry sign that since jelly bean last year nothing is changing to android, and there is more attention on chrome os...
Wow. With all the 'problems' cited in the article, how is Google still around? They should have imploded somewhere around the middle of 2012.
Puhleez. I don't care if you call it chrome, Android or turd. If Google makes it, I'll buy it. IOS is stale and dysfunctional.

Besides, jobs knew that they wanted to kill Nokia and Microsoft using the iPhone - an idea that they stole from Google! That's right, Android was developed in 2003 and acquired in 2005 by Google. Up until then, Apple was working on the iPad, but switched to the iPhone to compete with Android.

All the alleged copying in fact was done by Steve jobs.
That article is full of very obvious lies.
Why would anyone write such a load of bs?
Crack will make you say strange things! Haha (in my Rick James voice).
You have to keep your eyes on the enemy. 
+Matt Spencer Its insane. One has to be insane to degrade themselves so much, just for a brand. 
Is this article serious? OR is this guy just completely insane? 
Looks like AppleInsider needs some advertising traffic. There is no other explanation for trash like this.
I'm certain that the author, in his own mind, was visited by the ghost of Steve Jobs, who promised him a free Lightning connector and a Pulitzer Prize if he wrote this garbage. Alas, the story reads like the Onion and he didn't get his proprietary $30 cable :(
I had the impression the "author" was simply typing random words in the hope they would form a coherent article. Sadly he failed. 
Looks like the author has a strong case of Cognitive Dissonance.
Thanks +Dianne Hackborn for sharing the crazy post of the day. I feel like I lost 7 minutes of my life and never getting it back. Jeje!
Dan Lee
Waaaahahahaha crock of shit
That site writes more about android then it does about apple 
+Ziya Kokarağaç What the article writer doesn't seem to understand is that Android minus Dalvik and Bionic is pretty much just plain old Linux.  There might be some "Androidisms" in there due to code reuse (Since it apparently uses a similar SoC to Google TV devices, it's easier to reuse something that's mostly working already...), but thinking that a barebones Linux device that happens to have some Android bits in it signifies a "move away from Android" is just plain idiotic.
They remind me of BGR with the non sense rhetoric and biased opinions. 
Wow, I haven't seen such skewed inference writing since reading some watchtower article a while back. This type of false information wrapped in misconstrued metrics is the first piece to really make me believe in the existence if the church of apple. 
yea they are reaching...
A good laugh on Monday mornings is always nice!
Yawn, now that's over with. I enjoy my Android products 
Good gawd. It's like an Apple revisionists bible of Google's history and motivations. :/ I like the "cracks begin to appear in Android" section... Not like there are millions and millions of Android devices activated, with many more to come.

And... seriously, iPhone 5? How's your extra row of icons?
I'm all for you like Vanilla I like Chocolate. That being said neither is going away. Google distance itself from android? Ha! I'm not going to throw stones back at this article it's not worth the time I'd rather this person go down the road blind until they hit a wall.
This is remarkably clinical! That many letters fot one little Chromecast speculation? 
God ... and I thought the conspiracy theorist are bad ...
It's so ridiculously one-sided (poor journalism), that it fails to point out every loss/failure of Apple's that they tout as action against Google (like their failed maps attempt).
Oh my god, I couldn't even make it through all that dribble. It read like political talking points. Full of half truths and misdirection.

First was the IP case against Google already settled in Google's favor. I could be wrong about that one. But, Chromecast only runs enough Android to get the Chrome browser going. That's all it needed, and not a sign that Google is ditching the world's most popular smartphone platform. Finally Google makes enough money from Android that they could afford to weather law suits.
Someone is a little green because the tech world is slowly getting over their summer romance that started with the iPod. 
Actually this article and us followers are probably the biggest uptick in hits for weeks! How bout those droid users!
Mark L.
Humorous that it's tripe like this "article" which is directed towards a consumer group which is willing to pay twice as much for devices that do half as much. 
This has cracked me up more than the time I saw an ad on an iPhone for sale that tha seller was convinced was running on the latest Android software .. smh
+Ed Martin just like that way a horrible crash scene brings traffic to a halt .. and it is not because it is nice, intelligent or actually make sense.
This article blatantly ignores that samsung actually made touch screen phones that were similar to the iphone before the iphone existed.
Dan Lee
No mention Googles share price has doubled since they bought Android. Yeah they will fuck it off next week, what a spazzie article.
Man lies don't care who tells them lol. 
I really liked how they use the word "hackers" where I think the usual android community would use something less dramatic like Dev :-)... But it's not ios so it can only be hacked I guess... 
Android should change its number and get a restraining order. It may seem silly now, but +AppleInsider is demonstrating stalker-like behavior.
This kind of click-bait nonsense in tech "journalism" seems to be growing at an alarming rate.   I think it will continue to get worse as online publications struggle to find a sustainable business model.  Saying something stupid about a popular platform is guaranteed to generate links, clicks and outrage.
The author is the same guy who wrote something titled Android hype vehicle set to crash in 2010 back on January 2nd of that year (  Not a Nostradamus, that one.
+Dianne Hackborn I think you should tell us more about what's coming in KLP, you know, to put our minds at ease 

On a side note, apple insider write an extraordinary number of android/Google articles
While the article is absurd. It is very effective at generating a conversation.

One of Daniel Eran Dilger's zanier tweets:

"Google’s acquisition of Motorola set to doom Android, Chrome OS — RoughlyDrafted Magazine"

A gem from his Roughly Drafted Magazine posts:

"Google admits failure in copying iOS, excuses its patent infringement with Communist rhetoric" 

One of his recent Appleinsider headlines courtesy of Techmeme:

"Mobile malware exploding, but only for Android "

He is extremely consistent. But I think this says more about Appleinsider than it does about him, he isn't hiding his technofundamentalism.
They are really pissed at Android
One needs stilts and some really long wading boots to make it through that sesspool of bullshit. 
My favorite part was reading how that dumbass thinks Motorola owns Droid. 
Well Android obsessed over Apple's LNF for years before it surpassed them so I guess it's Apple's time to wear the tinfoil hats now.  Funny thing is Android obsessed over a feature of Apple's and it gave them a target to aim for.  Apple just wishes Android would go away which isn't a target it's a pipe dream.  And that's not a healthy strategy to compete on.
That was like reading an article from north Korea 
Daniel Eran Dilger, the "Baghdad Bob" of the iSheep...
It's 2015 and Google hasn't ditched Android.  Surprise, surprise.
It's Daniel eran dilger +Nick Coad​ he is obsessed with android. And has predicted it's demise several times.
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