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Truly some hard-hitting reporting:

On Tuesday, Ellison left the San Francisco courtroom with a furrowed brow. But as Page exited the courtroom on Wednesday, there was a smile on his face.

Glad we now know who to believe!
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Quickly I need to know the expressions of the other people present. Was the clerk of the court pensive or joyous?

This is much more fun than reading tea leaves!
Face expressions? Amateurs! We should be paying attention to the level of jump in their step!
From the article:
"Oracle says that all 37 APIs may not contain the same source code as its Java code, but that they have the same structure, sequence, and organization and that this means the overall architecture was copied. The company also accuses Google of copying its Java user manual and documentation.

Oracle is not bringing suit because of Android’s use of the Java programming language, Alsup explained, and it is not challenging the creation of Google’s Dalvik virtual machine — the Java-like platform that runs applications on Android. Oracle, he said, is merely challenging the design of those 37 APIs."

So if I write an API to calculate the multiplication tables 1 - 12 and copyright it, I then "own" the table because everyone's design will be like mine. Wow.

To every programmer in the world: please pay me. Now. Thank you.
If it hasn't been made abundantly clear, here is the summary of the suit from Oracle's POV:

"Hmmmm, we spent all this money buying Sun, and haven't done anything with them. Oh look! Google has Java in their OS, let's make some of that money back!"
Ellison always seemed like the biggest bully in the tech sector. I've never met the guy so I can't say for sure.

It's hard to imagine why Oracle would buy Sun if not to sue Google over Java use in Android.

What IBM did to him when he was first getting his company started is pretty ironic in retrospect.
Software patents have always been messy.. What do you copyright? The algorithm? or the way its coded? Like +Ronald Czik said, if somebody copyrights the algorithms for a generic concept then every software in the world would be in violation. A major reform to the patent and copyright laws is needed.. Especially now that IT is driving the world..
Is what Compaq did with the PC BIOS analogous to this - except only using a clean room rather than package/function specs? Surely this is reimplementing a API without actually copying the original source code?

I bet that the PC BIOS calls aren't in a different order to ensure compatibility with IBM PCs.
Surely if Oracle won this case, their use of the Linux APIs in Oracle Database would mean their software was a derivative work of Linux, and hence had to be under the GPL? I don't think they've thought their cunning plan through very well.
It's either that Oracle doesn't want to lose face, or that they really think they can get more money via the courts/jury process.
But all in all, Google and Android are the winners here. They have already achieved 95% innocence in this case. And it reinforces the fact that, once again, accusations laid on google are mostly invented. Google has already won, even if it pays a few million dollars for a copyright (a few million vs $6 billion is a disastrous result for Oracle). BTW, groklaw just outed Florian Mueller as an Oracle paid "analyst".
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