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Leonid Mamchenkov
PHP web developer, Linux sysadmin, Open Source advocate, blogger, father, and more. Or less.
PHP web developer, Linux sysadmin, Open Source advocate, blogger, father, and more. Or less.

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WallpapersCraft - high quality desktop backgrounds #desktop #art #photography

WallpapersCraft is a collection of high quality desktop wallpapers / backgrounds.  There are quite a few categories and tags.  The search works.  Tonnes of high quality wallpapers, available in a variety of resolutions.  And the site is very fast.  If you…

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i3 window manager - a week later #desktop #i3wm #Linux

A week ago I blogged about i3 window manager and my attempt to use it instead of MATE.  So, how am I am doing so far? The long story short: I love i3.  It’s awesome.  But I still switch back to MATE once in a while. What’s good about i3?  It’s super fast.…

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WordPress.vim - Vim Plugin for WordPress Development #WebDev #WordPress #Vim

If Vim is your editor of choice, and WordPress is something you work with on a regular basis, then check out WordPress.vim – a Vim plugin for WordPress development. Some of the features are: Auto-Completion for the WordPress API WordPress Hooks…

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Social Media Research Toolkit #social #research #marketing

Social Media Research Toolkit — a list of 50+ social media research tools curated by researchers at the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University. The kit features tools that have been used in peer-reviewed academic studies.…

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GitHub starts the Open Source Guides #OpenSource #GitHub

GitHub blog is “Announcing Open Source Guides“: we’re launching the Open Source Guides, a collection of resources for individuals, communities, and companies who want to learn how to run and contribute to open source. […] Open Source Guides are a series…

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Fixing outdated Let's Encrypt (zope.interface error) #SysAdmin #SSL #security #LetsEncrypt

I’ve started using Let’s Encrypt for the SSL certificates a while back.  I installed it on all the web servers, irrelevant of the need for SSL, just to have it there, when I need it (thanks to this Ansible role).  One of those old web servers needed an…

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Morphos - morphological solution in PHP for English and Russian #WebDev #PHP #language #i18n #English #Russian #UI #emails

If you ever had to deal with morphology in English, you probably found one or two libraries to help you out.  But if you had to do that for Russian, than I’m sure you are missing a few hairs, and the ones that you still have are grayer than they used to…

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Vim setup for PHP development #WebDev #PHP #Vim

Robert Basic shares his “current Vim setup for PHP development“.  He shows how setup the Gutentags plugin, jump to definitions with CtrlP plugin, display of the current file and method in the status line, add support for PHP namespaces, improve linting…

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Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes #WebDev #business #engineering

“Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes” is a nice collection of examples, results and reviews of over-engineering mistakes of the modern day.
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