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Helping people and plants thrive together.
Helping people and plants thrive together.

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Not all insects are pests. See what can happen when you encourage insects in the garden! #gntg

Us gardeners can often hear the word bug and cringe a bit.  But the truth is that not all those insects are necessarily pests in the garden.  There are certainly beneficial insects that can help with pollination or even pest control themselves.  To expand…

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Use these tips from professional organic gardeners in your own garden! #gntg

Organic gardening is a great way to go in terms of resource management and environmental impact.  Chances are you don’t have a large farm or plot of land but you can still take some good tips from professional organic gardeners.  Fritz Stahlbaum over at…

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Read about the move toward California native landscaping happening here #gntg

The drought here in California has many people and municipalities thinking about how to truly conserve water.  Low water landscaping is a big category, though and just because a landscape lacks grass, doesn’t mean it’s environmentally sustainable.  There…

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Read Executive Director Marianne Tayor's Dirt Therapy column in the Capistrano Dispatch & join us Saturday in Reata for a FREE class! #gntg

With autumn settling in and the leaves starting to fill your yard, this is the perfect time to begin composting. Composting is great for all gardeners because it improves soil, which in turn prevents plant diseases. And it can even reduce harmful…

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Check out these great tips on how to combat aphids. #gntg

Aphids are a well known enemy of any gardener.  But while they can be a major pest, there are some easy ways that you can help combat an infestation.  From companion planting, spraying plants, and watching your fertilizing, Chanie Kirschner of Mother…

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Not happy with your avocado haul this year? This week's Monday Morning Gardening tackles the problem! #mondaymorninggardening #gntg

Are you losing too many avocados from your tree before they are ripe due to immature fruit dropping off early? An avocado tree typically can produce up to about one million flowers but will typically only set about 100 to 200 fruit per tree. Or in other…

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Swales, berms, and rain gardens, oh my! Check out these water saving landscape features. #gntg

Water saving can actually be an attribute of the landscape.  It has a lot to do with curves.  The contours of the land are natural characteristics that the human populations has flattened out over time.  But the good news is that it’s not hard to create…

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How many of these water-wise ideas have you put into action? #gntg

A quick look back at an Orange County Register article that laid out some ways to become water wise and pointed out the good work of some local organizations.  Check out the ways you can make a water-wise OC with smart garden design, updating appliances,…

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Stand back, I'm going to try Science! Science magazine, that is. They just posted this cool video about Sunflowers following the sun. Check it out! #gntg

It’s pretty well known that sunflowers orient themselves toward the sun (giving them their name!) but do you know why they do this?  It is more than just wanting the sun on their face.  It turns out that an underlying scientific explanation involving…

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Since the expose of the tomato industry in 2011, Tomatoland, see how much has changed and what still needs changing! #gntg

Barry Estabrook wrote an expose on the tomato industry, Tomatoland back in 2011.  Now, 5 years later, Morgan Childs of Kitchn caught up with Barry to see how things have progressed.  From an encouraging labor practices improvement, to slower than expected…
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