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You know what's even cooler than playing music together?
Actually seeing what you (and all the others) are playing :D

Hey, and if you don't know your way around musical notation this might be your fun way to learn it ;)

This is still in a very early development stage (only handles single notes, no timing, ...) but it's a great start I think :)
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One question. What is the amount of data you are preloading on the guitar? I am asking because I can use the Drums and Keyboard right after loading the page, but on the guitar it took up to a minute before I was able to use it, but only on the very first time I entered the guitar page. I guess is not due the internet connection here at the office
If we could somehow plug an instrument to the PC and still use this that would be AMAZING!
+Peter Stimpel it's about 27mb of Audio samples (22 of which are for the guitar) that need to be loaded (I'll add a progress indicator at some point).

+Jose Navarro plugging in instruments has the difficulty that for the app to work the audio samples would have to be present on the computers of all participants. The only info transferred is "participant A played note B on instrument C", no audio information is transferred
Is this can work with Prodikeys?
+Peter Stimpel Don't worry was just a wish keep doing what your doing I think it's going to be a great teaching tool! Can't wait.
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