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Kirsten Han

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Thoughts on #ERT, #Greece , and the European Broadcasting Union withdrawing its support.
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Kirsten Han

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Thoughts on the MDA's new licensing regime.
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Kirsten Han

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This band confuses me. Is it just a cacophony, or is it fun?
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Kirsten Han

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Human Rights Watch's excellent statement on the bus strike.
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Kirsten Han

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My latest piece for Waging Nonviolence on the bus strike in Singapore.
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Photos of Cardiff!
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Kirsten Han

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Good piece, though I should probably also tell you that the formatting of the mobile version is a mess (at least on Firefox, Chrome and Samsung's stock Android browser). The biggest issue is a sidebar quote that appears in the middle of the text (with no distinguishing formatting), but that's not the only one. 
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Kirsten Han

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There is so much about our public transport system that I don't understand, and Gan Thiam Poh has just made it worse.

Not only has he said that we have (once again) misunderstood the government – via Lui Tuck Yew – on the issue of transport fares, he goes on to say that the formula needs to reviewed, and that the train services are actually subsidising the bus services because the buses don't make money.

But if the buses don't make money, how is it possible that the profits posted are so high – $119.9 million for SMRT and $36.7 million for SBS? How much are you charging the commuters for you to be able to subsidise the non-profit-making part of your business AND still post such large overall profit?

And this doesn't even explain the MOST IMPORTANT part: why is public transport a profit-making endeavour when it's a public service? Why did we make it so confusing and difficult for ourselves, having private companies that are pretty much protected and propped up by the government because we can never afford to let them fail? Why are we trying to squeeze money out of a public service, and if it's making things so bloody difficult why can't public transport be nationalised?
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It was mentioned in a Facebook comment that the fact that a private company's first priority is its shareholders could already be seen to be in conflict with the principles of public service. 
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Kirsten Han

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Kirsten Han

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An update on the repercussions of the SMRT bus strike in Singapore: Hong Kong's Confederation of Trade Unions protested the treatment of the workers in front of the Singapore embassy.
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