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Washington Post Article on the Fam
WaPo did a story on our family. Here is the link

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I Was Featured on One of my Favorite Financial Sites
Recently I was asked to do a guest post on one of my favorite financial sites, Mad Fientist At the risk of sounding very self-promoting, check it out Here Everyone was very kind with their comments and it was a great experience

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Staying Balanced
Keeping the balance between saving for tomorrow and enjoying life today is a challenge for me at times. I am much more inclined to save money for the future than to spend it now. I realize that it's better to be a compulsive saver than a compulsive spender....

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Over the Top Birthday Parties
The following rant was promoted by an article on kid’s birthday
parties that I recently read. Kid’s birthday parties should cost under $50, actually they should
cost under $25 but I’m feeling generous. What is it with parents taking kids to places like;

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February Side Gigs
My stay at home bride makes extra $$$ now and again by watching others kids a few hours at the time or by tutoring them. She home-schools our kids, so mixing in another one isn't too much stress...I think... This month's extra $$$ 02/06/14 - childcare $40 6...

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Running Pays Part 2
Found a dime (the coin, not a bag of weed) while running yesterday. Yes I stopped and picked it up.

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Running Pays
I've been a life-long runner. Well since I was 12. I run daily, as in everyday. About once a month I find loose change on the road, usually nickels and dimes. 5 years ago I found a $20 bill one morning. Today that was topped. Found this on the side of the r...

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Curse you Mr. Snow Miser
Average monthly utility bill for last year $350 Average monthly utility bill during the winter $450 January actual utility bills are all that cold and snow $597 As a side insult, the older I get, the more faggy I get about the cold. I need to move to Florida. 

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Getting a Tax Refund?
Getting a chunk of money back from the Feds and/or State? What to do with that money? Here is the strategy we use each year. I will use a refund of $5,000 to make the example easier. 10% - $500 to Charity 10% - $500 hers 10% - $500 his (which really means h...
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