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Graham Bewley
Hi I'm Graham, but my friends call me, "Graham"
Hi I'm Graham, but my friends call me, "Graham"

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chegg has a huge selection of textbooks. I had no problem finding all of my books online for rental at a crazy low price! Just rented my 70 dollar Philosophy textbook for 9 bucks!

kicking back watching some Wilfred. It's weird finishing class at 11am.

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this article opens with some ridicule of the musical surrounding Green Day's album "American Idiot," before breaking down a potential musical on their less-mainstream album, "Dookie."

What follows is the synopsis of a musical (in 2 parts of course) scored by Blink 182s album, "Enemus Sleepus."

This is one of the more creative pieces of writing I have ever encountered, and the description of the Blink musical is downright hilarious.

Please give this a read:

chugged 2 cups of coffee to prepare for morning class. got to class. handed syllabus. class over. now I'm so amped. What. To. Do?!

All moved in to Big Blue. Ready for class on Monday... minus books and school ID of course...

my Droid 3 is in Romulus. Looking forward to having it delivered tomorrow so I can boot up the Google Maps, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc apps before work at 4. Pumped!

Going to pick up my Droid 3 from the Verizon store shortly. Needless to say I'm pumped for a feature-rich Google+ app, as well as all of Google/Android's other goodies!
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