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Using the Power of Words to Heal
Using the Power of Words to Heal


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If you have ever lost someone - ANYONE special - you will relate to this fascinating blog post that explores a son's relationship with his father who was killed too soon :-( read again :D

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AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - thank you +Abeer Hassan

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This is going to be ah-mazing!!!!

Who is joining us in the audience? #HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS  
You have been endowed with the power to use the most highly organized form of energy known to man, that of thought. — #NapoleonHill

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Looking forward! 
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The #PowerOfThought
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Have you subscribed to the Further newsletter by Brian Clark? :-)

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Morning Plussers #HUGS  

I checked out one of my favorite Criminal Minds clips before hitting the bed last night.

Reid, the resident genius, is NOT a talented sportsperson, and has certainly never played baseball. But one of his closest friends, and colleague, Morgan is sure that his 'nerdy kid' can hit the ball. 

They practice, but Reid is unable to connect with the ball. True to his nature, he starts calculating the angle at which he should hold the bat and the speed with which he should swing it to make the hit.

He is too much in his head.

Morgan rolls his eyes, trots over to him, grasps his shoulders and says,"Get out of your head." 

Two days later, Reid is forced to replace one of Morgan's talented teammates in a crucial match against the reigning champions, FBI. The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is trailing by one point. Everything hinges on Reid's performance.

But Reid, who has never played any game before, strikes out twice. The rival team snickers....they take him lightly. He blots out external noise and looks straight at Morgan to get inspired. 

Then he closes his eyes and swings the bat connects. 

Reids, who doesn't even know that he has to run, is prodded by his other colleagues who have come to cheer him. He runs and makes the base.

The BAU wins. 

Moral of the story: All of Reid's calculations couldn't help him hit the ball. But the minute he pushed his instincts before his logic, he, a COMPLETE NOVICE, helps the team WIN! 

Aren't we all too much in our head every day? We overthink, over-analyse and overcook everything. The result? We don't move...we don't make decisions...we completely disregard our instincts.

The trick is not to silence the rational side of your brain. That would be silly.

The trick is to know WHEN to let your instincts take over; the trick is to know when to go with your gut; the trick is to know when to dump logic for that inner whisper of your heart.

I hope you all make the right decisions today and SMILE! <3

Much love

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Please read +Eli Fennell 's brilliant prose that shimmers with nostalgia....and hope. 
Saturday T.V. and the Power of Internet Marketing

As I sit here, consuming my entertainment via Netflix and Chromecast, on a Saturday in the United States, I find myself remembering the days of Saturday TV.

Like many American youth, I would wake up early on Saturdays, even though it was a weekend and I should have been sleeping in after a week of school.  I braved the early dawn to join that mass ritual of watching cartoons while eating sugary cereal.  After a more sensible lunch, as I got older, I would also enjoy the afternoon movies and shows for older children.

Even now, my memories of Saturday mornings as a child are tinged with a hint of magic and a sprinkling of fairy dust, and millions of other Americans will know immediately what I mean.  Perhaps children in other nations had their own, similar, weekend lineups.

Here is the most amazing part of my memory, though: I don't remember even half the shows I watched.  Many were truly forgettable, to be sure, yet I binged on the whole Snack Pack of shows and movies nonetheless.  After all, it was Saturday morning in America!  This is how it works!

The power of Saturday Morning TV wasn't about any shows in particular, though there were many great ones, and it didn't have anything to do with Saturdays, sugary sweets, or magic.  It was the power of a well marketed idea.

Saturday TV had to be, because it is precisely those free days at the end of the week when audiences want to get out and do stuff.  So the networks made it happen, each out competing the other to make us believe in the power of a day, and a medium.

This was necessary, because televisions stay in one place, usually stationary in a single room for years without being moved.  The internet, on the other hand, is increasingly omnipresent.  Where we once waited for broadcast cycles, or missed them, we now stream when and where we choose.  Internet killed the Saturday TV Star.

One of my favorite shows, inspector Gadget, imagined a future of wireless networked smart devices and cybernetic superpowers.  Penny's Computer 'Book' was the first concept of a tablet many of us were ever exposed to.

The heroes of these shows didn't sit back and watch the technology pass them by, shouting at the wind about how the new fangled shoe phones and death rays were just modern fads, or oblivious whilst the League of Doom planted their mind control box in every house.

Internet Marketing can give you and your business Super Powers, the kind that can win hearts and minds with something as simple as an episode of Voltron and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

As another Hero of Saturday Fame used to say:

The Power is YOURS!

~ +Eli Fennell, SEO, +On Track Tips | Wiser Sites

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Morning Plussers #HUGS  

So this week has been crappy! I felt completely out of sync and unfocused!

HOWEVER, I woke up early today, scheduled a simple blog post on my blog, grabbed coffee from Dunkin Donuts and am now getting ready to spend 120 minutes typing whatever comes to my mind for a new assignment.

Most importantly, I am taking a break from technology this weekend! I am going to be spending this weekend at Madison with my relatives. So YAY!

Hopefully, this will recharge my creativity and revive my love for writing.

Here's to a MERRY INDEPENDENCE DAY, Americans

Disconnect from your gadgets and reconnect with your loved ones, your laughter and your LIFE! <3

<3 Enjoy <3

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Wednesday Message: Approach the world from a place of love

"News is about things that happen, not things that don't happen" -   Reader's Digest

I had to smile when my eyes fell upon this profound statement in a Reader's Digest article. 

Every day, we are bombarded by images and articles about evil, violence, hatred, misogyny and corruption. Meanwhile, the heartwarming news of a dog throwing itself in front of a bus to save its wheelchair-bound owner is buried under the fold and forgotten in a jiffy! The closeness of a small community in a small town is not even reported because such unsullied bliss doesn't make for a good report!

I get it. Negativity is, in some twisted way, seductive - and, more importantly, lucrative!  Writing about all the good, beautiful connectedness of humanity doesn't sell!

Is it any wonder that we are all prone to exaggerations,generalizations, hyperboles and over-dramatizations? 

We see or hear something bad and instantly erect barriers in our heart. Our shackles are raised when someone or something reminds us of some horrible event or person in the news!

This is no way to live, friends

Today, I challenge all of us to dump any and all judgments, and view each person, object or event for who he(she) or it is. Let go of what you SHOULD be thinking and just listen to what your heart is whispering. 

Approach every moment like a baby - innocently, curiously, excitedly - and watch the world flutter with beauty, joy and happiness <3

Enjoy your day #HUGS  


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It takes courage to shun comparisons and live YOUR best life <3 

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You wouldn't have to read any other article on productivity once you get done with this BRILLIANT - comprehensive - piece <3

"Either you learn to work with your energy pattern, tailoring your activities to match it, or you work against it, which leads to burnout, shoddy work and all sorts of other nasty things not synonymous with earning yourself more moolah." - The Author
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