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Hello PPS Native Community! My name is Angie Morrill and beginning last August (2016) I am the Program Director of Indian Ed for PPS. If we haven't met I hope we do soon. This is a picture of my son Leroy and I from last summer, about the time we were moving from Eugene to Portland. I am Modoc and Klamath.

I was born in Portland and grew up a few blocks from Peninsula Park, went to Applegate Elementary K-4th and when my sister moved to Ockley Green for 6th grade my younger sister and I went too. I started going to Jefferson as a TAG student for typing and spanish classes and barely graduated in 1983. I wanted to make films so I went to NYU but I was not ready for higher education - I dropped out after one year and didn't get my BA from UO until I was much older. I enjoyed higher education, especially being able to find words for the complicated experience of being a Native woman, and I pursued my PhD at University of California, San Diego, where I wrote about the intellectual contributions of Native women to Native Studies through the lens of my family, Klamath termination, and art.

It is good to be back in Portland, back at Jefferson and working with the Native community here. Please contact our office if you want to access our Resource Room, which has books, videos, dvds and more. Nkena means shout victory in Klamath and as we swing into graduation season, I can't help but think of it often. Nkena!

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