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Portal 2: The Aftermath
Mapping blog and collection updates.
Mapping blog and collection updates.

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>The light gaming PC (known as the DumpsterBox) used System Restore (honestly why didn't I think about that before xD), thanks to my dad's great idea to get the password back! It is now operational :D
>It is currently in the process of getting factory reset. After that Steam will be downloaded and you know what happens next ^_^

When someone blames you on screen cheating and you're so insulted that you're just like
"ya well, you still texture faces of a brush that aren't even visible, so there!"

>Found a free light gaming PC in the dumpster, works perfectly!!
>Changed the password on it and now can't get in cause I'm not smart! xD
>Home computer's drive just broke, can't use that computer anymore...yay! :D


Hullo again! Real exciting news, and this time legit (I realistically hope).
*I explain below, but basically: the problem with Hammer and its textures not loading should be gone--forever. ^_^ *
It turns out that issue with Hammer not loading textures and stuff was due to the poor GPU our computer had.
The friendly, awesome P2 Mapper dubbed Ultiman9711 recommended to me to change my Graphics card ever since the problem started, but I stubbornly didn't accept it as an answer since I don't have an income and such :P
However, my dad recently came home with a better graphics card that his work was going to throw out because they wanted 3 monitors instead of 2!

Happy New Years! What's your New Year's Resolution? Mine would preferably be 4k, but more realistically it will probably stay more near 480p ;)

Merry Christmas!! :D
My sister got me an awesome Portal 2 mousepad--how was your Christmas?

I want to map soooo bad, but alas I have too much homework :(

My apologies, dear followers!

Yeah Hammer isn't working again so I've gotta contact Norton and see what's up :/

Hope to make levels soon!

Important update on +Chell Johnson:
Thank you very much for all of your prayers related to the post made on October 1st. They were certainly answered and the person under the G+ profile name Chell Johnson is definitely safe right now. However, she still needs prayer...

Although she IS safe, and we should definitely be thankful for that, please also consider continuing your prayer for her. She appears to have gone missing because she was going under something emotionally, so please continue to pray for that.
Again, thank you for your prayers and thank God that she's alright!

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To repeat a question that was only responded by one person, and because there is a new feature in pages on G+:
Should I make this page just my mapping blog and specifically stuff for The Aftermath on a different page? What do you guys think?
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Seperate Page!
Keep it all here!
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