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Mark Ryan
Your days were meant to fly and do, i fall and fold mine into you
Your days were meant to fly and do, i fall and fold mine into you

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Originally posted on nara15blog: Scorpio Moon Salty scales In depths concealed, keyhole through the unknown ebony Pour in rippled imaginings Cast away the poisoned torrents of Chevron The mind whirling curtains Exchange for trust, that my better half is…

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Poem 'Park West & Bethany' #wordpress @wordpress @Spill_words @DS_Scriggler #poetry #ny #mary

Say yes to all. Fade and fall, mistaken only by the river. Washed through like summer rain and the thoughts told to make you go away. Cashing and catching the lights of the big city. Money in your pocket with children’s teeth. Rattling. Looking for a god…

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Poem 'Tears of the Gods' #wordpress @wordpress @Spill_words @DS_Scriggler #poetry #greek #tear

His heart, now the colour of his wife. Broke apart. The urn smashed, scattering them both across the clouds. As the volcanoes rumbled and the gods groaned. Down they both came in the rains. Licked up by the wood spirits and the humans below. Pooling in…

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Poem 'Lap of the Gods' #wordpress @wordpress @Spill_words @DS_Scriggler #poetry #greek #gods

His brow, wet from the rain, cast skyward. A heart yearning for explanation and soothing. His climb monumental, each step a weight of a world. The spirits plucked his heartstrings like a lyre. Coursing a music in his soul. The mountains surrounded him,…

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Poem 'Metempsychosis process' #wordpress @wordpress @Spill_words @DS_Scriggler #poetry #soul

Stop the clocks and burn the books. Too many reasons and motives. Give me something I can now believe in. To peel off my bones and to rest upon my heart. Take us back to the start. Gather up the pieces of the broken. Pulled down marbled statues of the…

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Poem 'Intertwined' #wordpress @wordpress @Spill_words @DS_Scriggler #poetry #hope #love #pray

Our souls so pure they all align. Separated only by thoughts and time. Which hold a love that extends to all. Who reign above, or those who fall. And do not let the world go dark. But ignite the hope within each spark. This alchemy that turns hate to…

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Short 'The Nature of the Night' #wordpress @Wordpress #driving #argue #woods #trees #tavel

It had only been twenty minutes, and already I was sick of being in the car. The heating had taken ages to kick in, so I shivered in the cold and frosty conversation. The argument had begun on the way back to the carpark. It didn’t matter what it was…

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Poem 'Washed ashore' #wordpress @wordpress @Spill_words @DS_Scriggler #poetry #beach #sea

Feelings that should be left alone, cast out on a raft made of indecision. Drowning. Feels like drowning on dry land. The waves crash around her world, the salt in her hair and eyes. Her head always above water. But the tide always brings her home. Washed…

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Poem 'Circles around the moon' #wordpress @wordpress @Spill_words @DS_Scriggler #poetry

Wake me when the world ends. Kill the afterburners and shake me from sleep. Wipe the dust from my interstellar eyes that have cried, huge cosmic tears. Flooding the seas. The dinosaurs within me perished eons ago. Locked in tar along with childhood dreams…

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Poem 'SIX DEGREES OF DISINTEGRATION' #wordpress @wordpress @Spill_words @DS_Scriggler #poetry

Paper soul dancing by life’s flame. Burn again. Born again. Over and over like a universe collapsing. Coming to bleed out the dark. A dangerous dialysis of oil and tar. Coming here to disappear. Smearing your soul across world for all the birds to see.…
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