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Orchestrate Your Online Presence
Orchestrate Your Online Presence

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From my tech blog: You can almost smell the Saints ballpark's sod in Google view.

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4 Social Customer Service Essentials During The Holidays
I wrote this for the +Karwoski & Courage blog. While these are especially important during the holiday selling season, they apply all year round, as well. Read the rest:
#CyberMonday #SocialMediaMarketing #CustomerService  

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I'm on Minnesota Public Radio News talking about live coded music

I was interviewed for Minnesota Public Radio’s Art Hounds this week, talking about Mike Hodnick’s Kindohm live-coded audio project. It’s seriously the coolest thing happening in music today. Mike just dropped his debut album, and you can hear him play…

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5 Dos & 1 Don't: How To Use Twitter For Business
Karwoski & Courage's VP of Online Marketing, David Erickson, was quoted in a US News & World Report article on how to use Twitter for business. He shares some additional Dos:
- #SocialMediaMarketing #ExpertPositioning #Twitter #HowTo

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Best Local Bloggers In Minnesota
Our own +David Erickson was included on this list: 
Between requests for help with online communications, such as social media, mobile technology, email marketing and search engine optimization, Erickson still finds time to publish his e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog. He launched it in August 2005, and now claims more than 17,000 followers. Local and national news media have sought out Erickson as an expert source, and he has made numerous presentations to educational and technological organizations. Erickson was recently named Vice President Of Online Marketing at Karwoski & Courage Public Relations, Minneapolis.
David's blogs include: 
e-Strategy Trends:

e-Strategy Blog:

Beyond Social Media Show Podcast:

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What Makes A Video Go Viral?
David Erickson discusses some of the factors that contribute to what makes a video go viral. Read the rest: #VideoMarketing #ViralVideos

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15 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business
Our VP of Online Marketing, David Erickson, was quoted in this piece:

Don't Forget To Claim Your Custom URL
Everyone should claim their custom URL to ensure it includes their name (e.g., This is especially important for people who have a lot of contact with potential clients — especially for those who [are in] professional services and the B2B sector — because when meeting with someone they have not yet met, many people will search Google for the name of the person with whom they're meeting in order to learn more about them. Claiming your custom URL makes it more likely your #LinkedIn profile will rank in the top of those search results. Read the rest: #SocialMediaMarketing #B2BMarketing

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Chromecast users can now access HBO Go

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Cool mobile analytics startup. More analytics providers need to offer video sessions of real users beyond statistics and pretty graphs. #Analytics #MobileMarketing

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Traditional TV Accounts For 58% Of Ad Spend
The research group’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report shows that for all the evolution that we’ve seen in terms of consumer habits — spending more time looking at computer, tablet and mobile screens than ever before — when it comes to ads, the world remains analogue. In Q2, television — not streamed online, but the stuff you get on the box, live, in your living room — accounted for 57.6% of all ad spend globally. The next-closest category? Newspapers — yes, the crinkly, sometimes unwieldy paper masses that many of us are no longer buying and reading; those things that are daily moving to all-digital platforms to offset the rising costs and diminishing returns of printing. Newspapers came in at nearly 19%, followed closely by magazines at 10%.
#Advertising #Television
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