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Eli Amler
I Have opinions.. Deal with it. :)
I Have opinions.. Deal with it. :)

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This just cracks me up everytime I see it.

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A good primer to explain what Star Citizen is all about.

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Beware of PureVPN

So this is the story.

Decided to give PureVPN a try after Private Internet Access was giving me abysmal speeds from Thailand to LA service. In comparison, Native connection (via gives me 30Mbps.

PIA gave me 3Mbps
PureVPN was 7Mbps
Witopia (current one) gives me anywhere from 1Mbps to 21Mbps. (IPSEC is stable on 20Mbps).

So I run a bunch of tests using various connection settings in PureVPN with various connection types etc and all of them are bad..

So decide to use the 3 Day guarantee... LIES! basically they claim i used more than 500mb with invalidates the Refund. You have to dig through the site to find that.. and ffs.. how can you even test connection speeds and stay below 500mb. Even following their suggestions will pop it over that.. its a no win situation and the "Guarantee" might as well not exist.

This seems like a total fly-by-night company and I suggest avoid them like the plague.

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Eaten too much, need to get back in shape.  Try Coach. Set your personal program and have you phone/tablet talk you through the exercises.

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Need help with your exercise routines.. have your phone talk you through them!

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Hey guys, 

Just created a new app.  Basically its a personal trainer where you can setup your exercise routines and the app will use TTS to count your sets etc.  It also has the ability to share the workouts with other people.

Let me know what you think

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Just released my new app.  Its a personal trainer that helps you keep track of your workout.. 

Go on, try it out!
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