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This is an ex-profile. It has ceased to be.
This is an ex-profile. It has ceased to be.
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First time I've seen this error after months of using Chromebook. In the end it wasn't as bad as it sounds, just removed the battery and power to clear everything down and it came back to life again.
I'm guessing it got itself into a state during an auto-update or something.

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Wouldn't it be great if Android's own turn-by-turn navigation had celebrity voices. +1 for Bert and Ernie on +Google Maps

I've never been a fan of Apple but I can see why many people are, and I can appreciate the impact Steve Jobs has had on the computer and broader consumer electronics industries. He was undeniably a huge figure and will be missed by many.

A couple of things strike me about the announcement of his death;

1. The emotional outpouring from people who never knew him, but felt like they did, is reminiscent of the impact Princess Diana's death had on many people. I didn't really understand it then and I still don't.

2. Ever the showman and with impeccable timing Steve Jobs has instantly silenced all the criticism over the iPhone 4S announcement. Nicely done.

Putting my, probably irrational, Apple prejudice to one-side I want to add my voice to the thousands of others to mark the passing of a truly inspirational figure-head.


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Some fantastic stuff announced by Amazon at their New York event. But the prime service that gives you all that movie streaming goodness still isn't available in the UK. It diminishes the appeal of the Kindle Fire somewhat doesn't it?

Still an Android tablet for under $200 can't be bad. It won't be long before the hacking crews have it rooted!

I think the new Kindle Touch will be the big seller. It's so much neater and makes even the most recent Kindle incarnation look dated.

I had my first go on a segway today. Brilliant fun and so easy to use. I really can't see why these useful and environmentally friendly devices are banned in the UK. Isn't it about time the government let people make risk decisions for themselves and stopped treating the population like children?

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German court upholds Samsung tablet ban

"The court is of the opinion that Apple's minimalistic design isn't the only technical solution to make a tablet computer,"

And maybe "round" isn't the only shape to make a wheel but it's probably the most common one.

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Do you think Samsung would be in Apple's firing line so much if they'd just stuck with the native Android interface instead of adding TouchWiz and those silly icon backgrounds?

On my way to a meeting in london, just braved the horrendous weather walking to the train station to find trains disrupted.

Looking forward to being able to use Google hangouts for business meetings in the near future.
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