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Mexican word of theeeeeeeee dayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

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T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and Gucci Mane y 2 Chainz!
Does anyone here listen to country music and could recommend some artists to me please? #countrymusic  

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Mr. Obama, the one thing that our United States Military needs is respect.
I see so much disrespect.
It’s not just by some American Citizens.
All disrespect should be checked.
Our military are not puppets on a string.
That’s called out on a fling.
They should know when they’re dressed in uniform.
And ready to perform.
That they’re going to be supported.
That their missions won’t be thwarted,
Because of someone struggling with their own remission of guilt,
Because of their traditional religious comfort quilt,
If we know that they’re in immediate distress.
By signaling for assistance,
There should be no resistance.
We should, and will send help to relieve the stress.
We will not leave anyone behind.
We will not and should not walk into this war blind.
We need to know that our United States Military has the backup of wherever they’re assigned.
Another thing they should never be made to feel ashamed for being dressed in uniform.
All Americans need to conform.
If they’re sent out to be representatives of the United States what better way.
It should be an honor for anyone that sees our service men and women in uniform.
That surprises their children at school.
I should be so blessed to run into them one day.
No government or state institution should be allowed to act so cruel
For anyone to say that they’re not comfortable to see them needs to be transformed.
It shows disrespect to those serving in our military.
That’s fighting for America’s continual freedom.
It’s because of our military that we’re able to sleep in peace.
All verbal abuse should cease.
I speak as an advocate for our United States Military.
This war isn’t thousands of miles away.
It could very well reach us today.
Our enemy's sleeper cells are already here, what else can I say, but pray!

Patricia Kelley

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Looks legit...
Hangouts gets free voice calling to US and Canada

And just like that, Google Voice is almost completely integrated. You can now call free to those in the US and Canada, with low international rates as well. (Cheaper than before even!)

Post by +Andrew Grush 

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Brilliant! Now it's not just ones and zeroes
But left spins and right spins! 

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This just in, arabs figured out how to do gifs
there are more and more people in Denmark who Boycott ISRAEL
so many that some stores have stopped buying goods from Israel because they can not get them sold or before food putrefying
Animated Photo

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Israel should be destroyed. .. after the Jews move out to some other place. Maybe the moon. With all the cows and dogs and food animals. Then all the arabs should move into jerusalem and be nuked repeatedly until ritually clean for shabbas
the ORIGINAL POSTER WAS :  wael jbara albargouthi
Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 11:21 PM
  #Israel  -  Message to the Israeli intelligence 
There is a person named Amjad Hariz works in Arabtec in Dubai, which is affiliated to Hamas and incite young people in the company against Israel and calling for the demise of the work I hope you stop by any suitable means EMWIS  ......  

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Wow I didn't know that John Lemon made pornos
5th September 1966 :

John Lennon takes a plane to Germany to begin filming his first and only major movie role, appearing as "Pvt. Gripweed" in director Richard Lester's latest movie, the WWI satire How I Won the War . While filming, Lennon is quite taken with the "granny glasses" his character uses, and begins to wear them upon returning home, resulting in a major piece of his visual iconography. 

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Which one is the biggest? 


Step into my gun butt
Walk into my butt-hole
I'll make you-uh gun nut
Welcome to the battole
Hit the beat stop playin
the bodybags im layin you stayin
sidewalks bloodin you stainin
you prayin, I'm weighing
the consequences counting up
gun offences while I come, up
to a solution

to the situation Im complainin
about face and Im lookin in
to the battleground im facinin
up to the butt of a gun
the screws is missing
I left a butthole impression
on your forehead skin

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