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What Somalia Can Teach Kenya On Elections And Power Transitions
Incumbents losing an election and graciously conceding is
not what most associate with the continent, let alone Somalia. By contrast, the
Kenyan experience is rather typical. Here, no incumbent President has ever lost
an election. Whether by hook but more o...

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Kenya's Greatest Gamble Yet
Last Sunday, the Daily
Nation bravely shone a spotlight on the gambling craze that is sweeping the
nation. Sports betting has taken the country by storm. Since 2013 when the
first online sports betting company, SportPesa, was registered, the Betting

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Death, Lies and Videotape - Why KDF Must Tell TheTruth About Casualties In Somalia
In the wake of last week’s sacking of a Kenya Defense Forces
base in Somalia by the al Shabaab terror group, the Kenyan government’s
communications effort have once again come under a spotlight. The country had just marked the first anniversary of a

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Why Yahya Jammeh's Ouster Was Not A Triumph Of Democracy
In an article published on
Aljazeera, Solomon Ayele Dersso, a senior legal scholar and an analyst on
Africa and African Union affairs, avers that the lesson from Gambia for African
countries is that “not only should [the opposition and citizenry] forge unit...

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Why Kenyans Should Keep An Eye On The Trump Presidency
Despite the major changes inaugurated by the 2010 Constitution, the Kenyan Presidency still sits comfortably and unchallenged at the pinnacle of our politics. It is propped up by many of the norms that developed in the last half-century, especially during t...

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The Tyranny Of Numbskulls
Over the last few
weeks, the country has been embroiled in an acrimonious and largely inane
debate on changes to the country’s elections laws. The controversial revisions
to the Elections Act seek to introduce a “complementary mechanism” to the
integrated e...

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Kenya's Biggest Electoral Problem? Not Solving Electoral Problems.
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth famously
declared 1992 an “ annus
horribilis ”, one which, she said, she wouldn’t look
back with undiluted pleasure. For many around the world, 2016 has similarly
turned out to be a horrible year. From the deaths of several pop cul...

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53 Years A Colony
Every nation has its foundation
myths. The Koreans, for example, have Tan'gun, the scion of a son of the gods
and a bear-turned-into-woman who became the first human king of the people of
the peninsula. Kenyans are not to be left out. Whenever national holi...

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Why Striking Doctors Are The Least Of Kenya's Health Problems
This week, the news
has understandably been dominated by the countrywide strike by the nation’s health
workers. On Monday, doctors and nurses across the land stayed at home in
protest at the government’s failure to implement a collective bargaining

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Why Kenyans Should Rethink Their Hiring Policy
Boniface Mwangi is
looking for a job. It may have come as no surprise when, during the launch of
his book two weeks ago, he declared he would be running for a Parliamentary
seat. But that doesn’t mean we should welcome it with open arms. Over the last few
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