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Why Prosecutions Won't End Graft
Anti-corruption crusader and Publisher of The Elephant, John
Githongo, writes in the E-review, “Corruption in Kenya isn’t about greedy procurement officers,
fiddling civil servants, crooked businessmen, shady bankers, thieving
politicians … these players ar...
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A Tribute To Kenya's Forgotten People
Last week, the country lost a great
patriot, one, however, whom most Kenyans had probably never heard of. My
grandmother, Eunice Nyawira, passed away in her hospital bed after a long
illness. Born at the dawn of the colonial era, she lived to see Kenya gain...
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The Lies That Bind
The recent
revelations about the role played by British spin doctors, Cambridge
Analytica, in Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaigns during the last two elections in Kenya
have caused a bit of an uproar. Though long rumored -and hotly denied by
Jubilee Party mandarins ...
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Innocent Victim? Not Exactly.
The last few weeks have been rather trying for Kenyan media.
The government’s criminal overreaction to the mock swearing in of Raila Odinga did
not end with the shut down of the three leading television stations for over a
week. Even after they were allowed...
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Why Trump's "Shithole" Comments Are Nothing New
Eric Kiraithe, must really be well paid. Being the official
spokesman of the Kenyan Government, is, in the words of Jerry Maguire , “an
up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege” that I’m sure he will never fully tell us
about. We got a glimpse of what the job ent...
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SportPesa: Kenya Should Stop Betting On Devils
In his piece in the Daily Nation , Roy Gachuhi speaks of how
the failure to build strong institutions in Kenyan sport has left even the most
successful teams vulnerable to the financial shocks caused by the withdrawal of
a major sponsor. He is referencing t...
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Kenya's Road Deaths: It's The System, Stupid.
Kenyans can be amazing in their self-contradictions. Take matters
death, for example. When our politicians pass on, they are immediately raptured,
in the popular imagination, into a heavenly pantheon and cleansed of all
earthly sin. Not so regular folk. Fol...
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Mugabe Is Gone; Mugabeism Remains
Africans a-liberate
Zimbabwe I'n'I a-liberate Zimbabwe. So sang the late, great, Jamaican reggae star, Bob Marley in
1979, just a year before the country was finally won its independence from
white rule. Today, with Robert Mugabe forced to resign as Preside...
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The 55-year Fight For Kenya
Two elections in two months has not settled Kenya’s
political crisis. But the impasse is not really about who will sit in State
House. It’s a deeper question: it’s about who owns Kenya – its citizens or a
historically entrenched political elite. President, ...
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Why Kenyans Must Keep Their Feet Firmly On The Ground
Kenyans are given to bouts of
euphoria. Once ranked as the most optimistic people in the world, it is a
society almost congenitally programmed to look on the bright side of life and
to seek out silver linings in even the darkest of clouds. It is famously th...
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