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Android Developer, Architect
Android Developer, Architect

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Good code is simple code.

 When using the IabHelper for In-app purchases v3 of Google APIs, becareful with the IabHelper .queryInventory method. You can only query for 20 items at a time. If a user has 20 managed purchases, the method will fail. Make sure to edit the source code before using it. 

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Awesome #Kitkat  doesn't let you listen to KeyEvents for EditText anymore. Subclassing the view and overriding the onKey... events doesn't work either. I admit it: I have no idea how to listen to TextView KeyEvent's anymore. 

+Michael Ritchie 

IabException: Error refreshing inventory (querying prices of items). (response: 5:Developer Error)
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"To ensure that In-app Billing is functioning correctly in your application, you should test the test the application before you publish it on Google Play."

I should what the what the application?

The google team really needs to stop marking every damn API as final.

Need a context to the unit test and not the application when running a ServiceTestCase? Try this little trick:

Context testContext = getContext().createPackageContext("com.mydomain.qualifer.test", Context.CONTEXT_IGNORE_SECURITY);


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