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Linguistic Notes
I figured it was about time to
publish some of my language observations, so as to keep to the promise in the
title of my blog! In my French studies in the
classroom, I always learned that in French, only the first word of a title is
capitalized. However, a ...

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Recueil de Planches, sur les Sciences, les Arts Libéraux, et les Arts Mechaniques, avec leur explication
“Collection of Plates on the
Sciences, the Liberal Arts, and the Mechanical Arts, with their explanation” As mentioned in previous posts, planches are the 11 volumes of plates
and drawings that accompany the 17 volumes of text, making for 28 total books

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            I won’t be able to post my extensive
observations of the planches until
next week, but I wanted to give just a little preview of what is to come. Recall that of  L'Encyclopédie's 28 volumes, 11 of them are planches , which are prints of diagrams...

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Side notes: Cotgrave's French Dictionary
            One of my main goals in this
project was to study the nature of the language used in L’Encyclopédie, and I thought it might be interesting to consult a
period French dictionary in doing so. Randle
Cotgrave published Cotgrave’s French
Dictionary ...

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The entry for "l’âme", the soul,
spans an entire twenty-six encyclopedia pages and is surely one of the
longest entries in the series. It covers both the human soul and the animal soul, and
it starts by raising four questions about the soul: 1.      What is...

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“Système figuré des connoissances humaines” - Map of the System of Human Knowledge
By far the coolest thing I’ve found comes next: Diderot and
d’Alembert created a detailed map of
their system of human knowledge. This map is as much a visual aid for readers
as it is a bolstering agent for the validity of their work. It clearly
organizes a...

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            Recall from
my last post that I examined the authors’ preface but stopped before I arrived at
the method Diderot and d’Alembe...

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Volume I - Tome premier
The full official title of L’Encyclopédie is L’Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des
métiers , translated ...
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