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R.J. Peña
Musician, animator, artist, and sculptor
Musician, animator, artist, and sculptor

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"The Idle Majority"
In the
days following the election, amid the shock, numbness, and utter
disbelief, I remember walking down the street and seeing all the
"normal" people go by me, chatting excitedly about the spectacle of it
all while having coffee or window-shopping or...

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Inktober #3
Another reason to love October...costumed figure drawing classes!  I still struggle with figure drawing, but I made it through.  It's especially hard at Dreamworks surrounded by such amazingly talented artists, but also very inspiring.

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Inktober #2
Okay, so maybe not my best work, but I only had an hour before bedtime and not much around the house to draw, so I just drew our new gate.  Giving the finger painting a go again just because, but boy does my hand hurt after that!

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#Inktober 1
Here is my first #Inktober painting, which means every day in October I will do one painting of some type.  I left my Apple Pencil at work so I took the opportunity to practice finger painting and a bit of abstraction.  This was a giant shelf containing jar...

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Land Sketch 4/16/16
The Grove 4/16/16 Beautiful Sunday afternoon at the grove.

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Time for snow!
Prepping for my wintery ski weekend at mammoth!  Thanks to Gavin for the photo inspiration.

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Finger Painting 2/24/16
2/21/16 2/15/16 2/17/16 Nothing like some finger painting on the iPhone to pass the time.  Boy was my hand cramping at the end though!

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Finger painting
    Nothing like a little finger painting on the iPhone to pass the time.

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Dreamworks Animation
    On January 11th, 2014, exactly 2 years ago from yesterday, I started my first job as an intern at Culver City based Zoic Studios.  I was in the last semester of my graduate degree at A&M and full of anxiety as I started my new adventure in Los Angeles. ...

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Landscape Sketches
Some more landscape sketches, this time including some scenes from near my house in Hollywood.  We do get some beautiful sunsets here.
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