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Songs of Social Significance
Songs of Social Significance

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Proposal: "A Penny A Play" Campaign
I was looking around on the internet today, and maybe I'm almost fifty years old and I still can't effectively use a search engine, but as far as I can tell there is no campaign happening anywhere in the US right now to drastically increase internet royalti...

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Have Bow, Will Travel -- Punk Baroque World Tour Plans
Booking now: 2017 Punk Baroque World Tour. Which will for sure include North America and Europe. Anybody up for organizing a gig somewhere? This is a scruffy, DIY operation, dependent on folks like you to work... The tour is still in its planning stages, bu...

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A Trump Protest Playlist
I wrote recently about how to have a good rally (hopefully as a small component of a broader movement that includes lots of other tactics).  I emphasized the importance of music and culture in any successful social movement.   Now I'll get more specific, an...

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Advice from a Protest Singer on Protesting
Many, many people are hitting the streets in recent weeks in the United States.  For most of them, my guess is they're doing it for the first time.  I say this because every time I go to a major protest, I ask lots of random people if they have been to many...

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Why Do They Keep Begging?
More Forgotten Folk:  Reflections on Subsisting as a Musician in 2017 I was driving across Oregon yesterday, thinking about whether I might be able to afford to do another recording project this year -- like in a studio with a band over the course of a week...

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Touring Against Trump?
I vacillate between being horrified by Trump and being horrified by all the people who are actively trying to make sure I'm horrified by Trump.  Specifically, the ones that run nonprofits, NGOs, and other money-grubbing "activists."  I don't know what they ...

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Netiquette In the Age of Facebook
I haven't heard the term "netiquette" used in decades, so I figured I'd just date myself with the title.  I've been actively using the internet for 20 years now.  What has become known as social media for about 13 years.  I was very impressed with the organ...

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2016 Year In Review
It's nearing the end of the year, and it's that time of year when individuals, families, nonprofit organizations and the media often tend to reflect on and summarize what has happened in the past 12 months or so.   It seems like a good thing to me that this...

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In Praise of the CSA
The CSA is becoming a popular method for both DIY artists as well as family farmers to get by. I wrote a poem for the CSA concept, and for  mine in particular ...   In Praise of the CSA Before the concert's over, allow me if I may To subject you to a messag...

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My Year-Long Study on Democracy Now! and Culture
This was originally published in March of 2015. I'm a topical musician by trade. To rephrase that, I'm an expert on how to tell stories about the world around us in a way that is effective and particular to the form of communication that is music. By effect...
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