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Hi everyone! If you want to follow TimeTune, please switch to our Google+ Community or Facebook page. This channel will remain inactive for the time being. We want to emphasize the collaborative side of the project.



Thank you very much! ;)

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TimeTune 1.4.6 is on Google Play!

Apart from adapting the app to the new Android 6.0 requirements, we've added more Material Design elements and integration.

Here's the list of changes:
> Ready for Android 6.0
> New material design scrolling toolbar when viewing the schedule
> All toast messages have been changed for material design snackbars
> Cloning a single activity now takes the end time into account
> Multiple internal optimizations

We hope you like the changes. The next version is already in the works. Meanwhile, have a really good time! ;)
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TimeTune 1.4.5 is on Google Play!

We've improved the interaction when choosing tags for activities, plus new changes and requested features. We hope you all like the new version!

Here are all the changes:
> New dialogs are used instead of spinners when choosing tags for your activities (and you'll be able to create new tags from there)
> The Free time and Sleep tags can now be customized
> Now you can see the activity comments on the widget (a new widget setting controls this)
> New icon on status bar when notifications are silenced (click on it to unsilence them)
> Help section restructured, plus new FAQ and Troubleshooting sections
> Added link to the Google+ community in Settings

Have a really nice day! ;)
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Learn how designer Barbara Marcantonio from Manifesto uses TimeTune and other tools to boost her productivity:
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Comments on the widget!

In the upcoming release (1.4.5) a requested feature will go into the app: the ability to see the activity comments on the widget. A new setting will control this feature, so it will be optional.

We hope you like it, the new release is getting closer! ;)
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Need help?

In the next release (1.4.5) the Help section will be restructured. Some new options will be added (like FAQ and Troubleshooting) and all the options will be presented to the user on screen instead of the submenu. Besides, all help text will be redirected to the web, like other apps (Google included) do.

This will allow us to:
> Adapt and improve all help sections independently from app releases.
> Reduce APK size a little bit.
> Prepare the path for future and more specific tutorials.
> Improve help assistance for all users.

More improvements will be added on the Help department progressively, but if there's anything you think we should add or update don't hesitate to tell us, all users can benefit from it. Thanks! ;)
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TimeTune featured in TechRepublic

TimeTune has been included in the article 'Five Android time trackers to keep order in your mobile life', from TechRepublic. Thanks guys! ;)
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5,000 ratings!

TimeTune has reached 5,000 ratings on Google Play! After so many evaluations, TimeTune stays on a solid 4,5 global rating. All we can say is... Wow!

Not bad for a free app! But this doesn't mean all the work is done. We want to further improve this productivity tool and make it better for you. A lot has already been done, but there's still a long way to go.

So thank you very much for all the support received until now and get ready for new improvements. TimeTune users are truly awesome!! ;)
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Hi everyone! We're making a little change to our beta tester community. We're renaming it 'TimeTune Community' instead of 'TimeTune Beta Testers'.

Until now TimeTune didn't have a proper google+ community where users could share their experiences, feedback and suggestions. We want it to be a place where people can help each other and new ideas can be created.

Beta testers will be able to join the beta program the same way as before, using the opt in link and leaving their feedback.

Join now and become a TimeTune community member! You'll help make TimeTune better for everyone. Thanks! ;)

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Choose your tag

In the next version (1.4.5) we'll change the way you choose tags in activities. Instead of the current drop-down spinner (that gets a bit inconvenient if you have many tags) we'll open a new dialog window where you'll be able to see all tags with their colors and icons, or create a new tag from there.

When you create a new tag using this dialog, the tag will be set automatically in the corresponding field on the activity edition screen. This means less steps for scheduling and a better user experience for everyone.

We hope you'll like it when it comes out.
Stay tuned for more changes! ;)
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