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NVIDIA GTC Express Webinar: Debugging CUDA with TotalView
February 22, 2012, 9AM PDT

With TotalView and the NVIDIA CUDA add-on you can debug both the CPU and the GPU code in CUDA applications: set breakpoints, step, and dive in code running on the CUDA device using all the familiar TotalView GUI methods. TotalView supports unified virtual addressing as well as multi-device debugging, handles CUDA function in-lining and provides type qualification in the expression system. You can display how your logical threads are being mapped to hardware and navigate kernel threads using either hardware or logical coordinates. This webinar will provide examples of how to install and run TotalView with CUDA across several programming examples, with common pitfalls explained. It will also preview the next TotalView release, with support for CUDA 4.1.
In this GTC Express webinar, Chris Gottbrath, Principal Product Manager, TotalView, Rogue Wave Software, will provide examples of how to install and run the TotalView Debugger with CUDA across several...
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