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wife, mom, sweets maker
wife, mom, sweets maker

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Heavenly Hash Cake
  My grandmother was my best friend.  This isn't typical, especially for a twenty-something to say her grandmother is her best friend.  I never went more than a few days without talking to her on the phone until she was put into a nursing home because of de...

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Ruby's Pineapple Pie
I know I said once a week.... I got a little sidetracked, but for a very good reason, though.  Last weekend the boys and I went on a little mini vacation to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We spent 3 days with my best friend, Traci, and her daughter, Annie.  Annie is six...

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Upside Down Cherry Pudding
I could very easily begin this post with a couple of well-worn phrases -- "life goes on" or "time flies" -- and I just did.  There's a reason those phrases are so well worn.  They are often applicable to how we feel.  My life does go and time certainly does...

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Valentines Chocolate Pretzel Bars
    I cheated on this dessert.  Totally and completely.  I am still really proud of myself, though.  Usually I'm posting the day after the holiday, telling you what I made in the past tense.  I'm actually ahead of the game this time.  Look!  It's a Valentin...

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Malt Caramel Pretzel Blondies
I can't stop looking at Pinterest.  It's just straight up food porn.  Anyone who has spent any time on Pinterest knows that it is physically impossible to look for just a second.  You can't look away; you might miss something.  Of course since the beginning...

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Impossible Sweet Potato Pie with Brown Sugar and Pecans
I won a recipe contest!  Yea!  I didn't actually manage to get any pictures of the winning pies, though.  They didn't last long enough.  Some folks nearly came to blows over the last bites.  I'm totally serious, too.  I think my stepdad may have ended up wi...

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Insanely Awesome DIY Xmas Presents
Christmas is getting here way too fast this year.  We are in the middle of an "Ice Storm Warning" around here.  That means we are totally home-bound for a couple of days if you want to believe the forecast.  Since I have some extra time around the house on...

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Happy Thanksgiving and Necklace Winners
Happy Thanksgiving, folks!  I am so very thankful for so many things this year.  I've got my lovely family, my friends, my pretty terrific job, my pretty terrific blog and the totally terrific folks who read it, my health, etc, etc, etc.....  I could go on ...

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It's A Giveaway!!!
Look!  It's a giveaway!  And just in time for the holidays, too!  You wanna win this necklace?  It's got a cute little wire whisk pendant made by yours truly.  I have to give my friend Sarah the credit for this idea, though.  She made me a pendant very much...

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Peppermint Divinity
    It's beginning to look a lot like....well, you know.  Since I work retail, my holiday season really started about a month and a half ago.   Now, though it seems like everyone is getting in the swing of things.  There are decorations all over the stores ...
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