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The World is My Inspiration Gatefold Shrine
Hello everyone, Lora here with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and this month
we are cross promoting with Canvas Corp with a fun 'Small Worlds' theme. Here is my offering, inspired by the fun Architectures Parchment Rub-Ons, Live and the images from the bits and pie...

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Make-and-Take class Halloween Triptych
For all my Make-and-Take ladies....what we are doing Friday, September 29th! We'll have lots of fun collage sheets, trims, and ephemera as well as the scattering of skellies, moons and antikamnia skeletons pictured below. There are only 13 spaces in the cla...

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Studio Progress
An update on what's been happening.We've gone from this... to this.... then this... and here we are today! Next step is painting, which is my favorite. Stay tuned. Thank you for stopping in, I love ya'll!

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The Strange Kidlets Halloween Fold-out Book
I cannot get enough of Halloween. I have been having fun with these little fold-out books and here's another one...this time it's strangely gifted children. Or maybe gifted kidlets who are strange. Whatever. They are all a bit peculiar in one way or another...

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The Witching Hour is Time for Tea
Hello all! Lora Mahaffey here in full Halloween mode. My favorite holiday. I know, I have never said that before. I'm
enjoying playing with all the wonderfully rich fall colors. I am
looking forward to rustling leaves, sweater weather and all things

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The new studio is underway!
It's been a while coming, what with MacGyver having hand surgery and lots of house guests, etcetera and blah, blah blah, life happens. And we felt overwhelmed about this huge task before us. We decided that we needed a good contractor to get us organized an...

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Sometimes a pig's gotta fly...........
Hello all, Lora here taking my turn for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts with
this little piggy whose just gotta fly. Having escaped the confines of
the balloon, she grew some wings and has taken off into blue skies.
Skimming over the trees, enjoying the view, she'...

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Good Fortune Fairy Pocket Cards.....and a trio of Snarky Witches for balance.
I do believe in balance. So when I made these sweet Good Fortune Fairy Cards, though I really like them, I felt a bit nauseous. I made the Snarky Witch cards as a sort of psychic Rolaids. Now I'm happy.  I began with Stars Playing Cards (for a complete list...

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Little Haunted House Fold Out Book
Ah, favorite! Seems like we're all starting to get
into the spooky season a little early, but there are quite a few of us
who love creating Halloween treasures all year. I'm certainly one
of them! Lora here taking my turn for the awesome ...

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Actually just noticed that it is, in fact, 'woe'. Still think it's perfect. :-D
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