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Magic in the Water
Fibres West is done, for another year.  It was great talking to people, especially hearing from several how much they appreciated my writing/teaching.  I sometimes feel like I bang on to the point of boredom, but being able to hear so many say they have ben...

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The Big Picture
Sometimes, in order to understand the big picture, you need to be aware of the finer details. So it is with fibres and yarn. The above images are Scanning Electron Microscope images of, in this case, cotton. The fibre once harvested 'collapses' into a flat ...

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The Life so Short...
...the craft so long to learn. This quote is attributed both to Hippocrates and Geoffrey Chaucer.  The exact wording seems to depend on who is translating it.  Either way, it is all too accurate. Any craft takes years to explore, learn, master.  Learning ca...

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A Student's Journey
Nancy T included this summary of the experience doing Olds Master Weaving  class as part of her homework.  I asked if she would allow me to post it to my blog. My Journey from Olds to Final
Project This
has been a journey of learning, disappointment, achiev...

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Ready to Go!
The level one and two of the Master Weaver classes being held in Prince George, BC are now ready for registration on the  Olds College website It looks like interested students will have to create an 'account' before they can register. Although the course d...

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Appropriate Tools
I have many tools in my studio, mostly because they provide a savings of time in some way.  An electrical bobbin winder makes winding bobbins faster.  I bought one when I realized it was taking longer to wind a bobbin by hand than it was taking to weave it ...

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She Persisted
#shepersisted I try to not use the forum of this blog for political comment.  Recent events have made that increasingly difficult. I am an old white woman living in Canada.  That gives me certain...privileges...that others do not share.  I also happen to be...

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What is a 'master' weaver?  Does s/he create 'perfect' textiles, every single time? Actually, no. A master weaver is someone who understands their materials, understands how their equipment works, understands how to work ergonomically in order to reduce str...

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Prep Work
As I think about travelling to teach, I can only sigh.  So many things I will miss when I stop; so many things that I won't. I will miss very much meeting people across the country who are as 'warped' as I am.  I will miss talking to them about our shared p...

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Revving Up
One of the things I did last year (maybe the year before!) was wind a bunch of rayon chenille scarf warps.  I managed to weave off a few of them, but there were seven warps, sitting in their boxes waiting, patiently. In an effort to reduce rubble, I decided...
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