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Which to choose: Good AdWords or FB Ads

Need to increase brand awareness on a small ad budget? Facebook Ads are your best bet.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a look at the similarities, and differences, between Facebook advertising and Google AdWords. When you compare AdWords accurate targeting method on to the Facebook custom audiences you'll find that Facebook ads will probably cost less than $1 per click compared to $8 to $22 for AdWords. Similar to AdWords, the response rate on ads targeted to saved audiences will be lower than more generic targeting, but it should also yield the same quality sales leads. Click here for more: Which one is right for you?

#Jewelers #AdWords #FaceBookAds #OnlineAdvertising

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There's Gold in Your Website Reports

Traditional advertising to get people into your store is more difficult than ever. Figuring out what traditional marketing works and what doesn't work is very difficult, and expensive. On the other hand, there are plenty of online reporting methods to help you improve sales from your website.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a look at why it’s so important to read the reports your website generates. Relatively speaking, tracking your website, social media, and customer engagements online is much easier than tracking results of your billboard and other ads. You might believe that online tracking is rocket science, but you don't need to know how the rocket works in order to see the results. You can hire rocket scientists to work for you, and then all you need to do is look at the reports. Click here for more: Do you read your website reports?

#Jewelers #WebsiteReports #InternetMarketing #eCommerce

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6 Most Frequently Broken or Missing Website Features

Update your website to better serve your customers and soon you'll realize that this is the new method of SEO.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, check out the website mistakes we come across the most often, and learn how to avoid these issues on your own website. Mobile websites matter, and your ranking will suffer if yours is difficult to navigate. Image tags are so often overlooked, and can be very helpful in making sure Google finds your website content. Click here for more: Does your website focus on your customer’s experience while using it?

#Use #Three #OrFour #Hashtags

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The Rise of Instagram

Communication isn't just words; it's also photos and videos.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a fresh look at Instagram, and see how you should be using it as a Marketing Channel. Instagram is a visual platform. It’s not the place for typical sales ads. Instead, you should be using Instagram to show your customers how your product looks in everyday life. Click here for more: Have you tried using Instagram yet?

#Jewelers #Instagram #Marketing #SocialMedia

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Hibu Website Review - Is It Really Worth the Money?

Do your homework before spending money on website services made simple. The money you save could lead to loss in sales.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, join them in St. Augustine, Florida for their #FridayFlopFix website review. This week, they’re looking at a website that’s ranking in tenth place, and trying to determine how it got there. Follow along as we look into their recent updates, code bloat, CMS and more. Click here for more: Is your website costing you more money than it’s making?

#Jewelers #FridayFlopFix #Hibu #WebsiteReview

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Gold Wolff Jewelers Website Review

It’s more valuable to have a blog directly within your website than it is to use a 3rd party service that won't help your ranking at all.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona for their #FridayFlopFix website review. This week, take a look at how Google reads the words on your website, and why it’s so important to keep your blog on your own website instead of a third party on. Click here for more: Do you keep your jewelry store’s blog on your own website, or externally?

#Jewelers #FridayFlopFix #Blogging #ImageTags

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Photos in GLP Could Improve SEO ROI

User generated content is becoming more important, and it seems like more weight is being given to reviews, photos, and virtual tours that are uploaded to Google Maps.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, learn about the recent changes Google has made to how it displays the Local Pack in its search results. Google changes something every day, which is why you need to try to keep informed. User generated content is becoming more important, and it seems like more weight is being given to reviews, photos, and virtual tours that are uploaded to Google Maps. Click here for more: Does your retail jewelry store appear in your Local Pack?

#Jewelers #Google #LocalPack #SERP

Comparison of Two Bozeman, Montana Jewelers

It appears that even if your website suffers from code bloat, you can implement the correct usage of meta tags, tags, and include enough keyword information on your website to still achieve first place ranking.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, follow along as we search Bozeman, Montana for our #FridayFlopFix review candidates. Last week, we talked about Code Bloat, and how it can harm your raking. Today, we’re going to compare two websites, both suffering from Code Bloat, to determine why one is ranking well and the other is not. Click here for more: Are your Meta tags and tags correct?

#Jewelers #FridayFlopFix #CodeBloat #MetaTags

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Bloated Websites vs. Simple Websites

Having trouble getting your website to rank highly on page one? Perhaps your website is suffering badly from code bloat.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, follow along as we compare ranking results between a few different websites in an attempt to determine why each one ranks as it does. See how outdated websites can actually rank better than newer ones, and learn why. Click here for more: Does your code outweigh your visible text?

#FridayFlopFix #Jewelers #CodeBloat #SEO

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TamRon Jewelry Design Technical Website Review

SEO is more than just the fine tuning of words on your website and in meta tags. Low ranking websites could be caused by improper programming and slow server connections.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, follow along as we take a virtual trip to Spokane, Washington in an attempt to discover why a number of retail jewelers websites rank where they do. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern why a website is ranking poorly. On the surface, everything looks good. However, once you start digging into the technical end of things, you see something very different. Click here for more: How well does your store’s website rank?

#FridayFlopFix #Jewelers #Widgets #CodeBloat

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