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Eric Van Der Hope
How To Market Your Book & Get The Attention You Deserve
How To Market Your Book & Get The Attention You Deserve

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Quick reminder:

Today at approx 3pm (pst), I'm going to be speaking during a 'LIVE' panel discussion about the "Backend of Your Bestseller" (focusing on using a best-selling book to connect and partner with influencers over the long-term) at the Bestseller Summit Online.

If you haven't already, make sure to register now to catch my presentation and check out the other amazing speakers too!

Join me TODAY at the Bestseller Summit Online right here:

Hope to see you there :)

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Still deciding which direction to take on publishing your book? I recommend that you check out the following resource and excellent advice from Publishing Expert +Jane Friedman:

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As I’ve helped literally hundreds of people share their message so they could make an impact on their audiences, I’ve realized that no matter what niche you’re in, the single best thing you can do to amplify that and reach more people is the same:

Publish a best-selling book.

That’s why I’ve partnered with my friend Jesse Krieger for his upcoming Bestseller Summit Online starting on May 22nd.

I’ll be joining over 30 experts as we share with you the secrets we’ve learned along the way on writing, publishing and marketing a best-selling book that you can leverage to build your list and grow your business.

I’ll be speaking on June 22nd during a ‘LIVE’ panel discussion about the "Backend of Your Best-Seller" (focusing on using a best-selling book to connect and partner with influencers over the long-term), so you should register now before it’s too late

Special mention to: Devin Slavin, Charlie Gilkey, Jon Schumacher, Colin Pal, Dave Chesson, Steve Scott, Christine Kloser, Tom Morkes, Jonathan Green, Simon Bogdanowicz, Steve Olsher, Austin Netzley, Debbie Drum, Adam Franklin, Bret Gregory, Jesse Tevelow, Cody Lister, Jason Van Orden, Austin Fabel, Navid Moazzez, Devin Slavin, Darin Adams, Navid Moazzez, Bradley Sugars, Joel Friedlander, Derek Murphy, Derek Doepker, Kevin Johns, Guy Vincent, David Hancock, Alinka Rutkowska, Kary Oberbrunner, Katie Soy, Mark Van Stratum, Kasper Van Der Meulen, Jasper Ribbers, Jonathan Green, Josh Turner, Amanda AK Turner, Jason Treu, Buck Flogging & Jesse Krieger.

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Today I’m sharing an article that I wrote a while back ... even though it may be dated, the information still applies today, so I wanted to re-share it because it should help you understand the importance of developing an effective author platform whether you plan on publishing traditionally or you go down the route of self/indie publishing. If you find this article beneficial, feel free to share this with your audience:

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Event Announcement: The Publishing Success Summit (#TPSSummit) hosted by me (whohoo!!) is almost here! Officially launches during my LIVE Kickoff this Sunday, December 4th at 2pm (PST). It's approx. a 17-Day Online Event that will be held between December 4th-18th. Interested in learning how to publish a book? This event brings will bring together MORE than 65 Book Industry Experts comprised of Bestselling Authors, Platform Mentors, Designers, Editors, Literary Agents & Publishers. This Online Event Will Focus on 6 Major Aspects of the Publishing Process: Groundwork, Author Platform, Book Cover/Interior Layout, Copy Edit/Proofing, Distribution & Production. The end result: these Book Industry Experts will reveal how to build a solid foundation on which to publish a professional book, not only that, but a bestselling book if you are willing to put the time & effort into it. Get further details here:

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Yesterday I wrapped up a fantastic session with 17 year-old, 11-Time Bestselling author +Mark Messick (Twitter handle: @marklmessick), where we discussed how he was able to publish so many books, what distinguishes an amateur author vs. a professional author, a simple 2-step formula to creating bestselling books and more in preparation for my upcoming #TPSSummit: --> Mark, thank you for a fantastic session, you made it fun! :-)

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Just recently wrapped up a fantastic session with International BestSelling Author & Speaker +Susan Ordona (Twitter handle: @SusanOrdonaBuzz), where we discussed what makes a title and subtitle memorable, the importance of having an Amazon Author page and how to optimize it, what mini-sites are & why authors need one and more in preparation for my upcoming #TPSSummit: --> Susan, had so much fun & you were fabulous, thank you so much for sharing such great content! :-)

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Just a few days ago I had a fabulous session with Strategist, Consultant, Speaker & Author +Roberto Candelaria (of Roberto C. Candelaria, Twitter handle: @robertoteaches), where we discussed what a sponsorship is, what can actually get sponsored, how can authors use other people's money to write and publish their book, what initial steps are needed to get started with getting sponsored and more in preparation for my upcoming #TPSSummit: --> Roberto, thank you for a fantastic session, you shared great content and it was fun! :-)

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Announcement: I'm finally making it official, I'm interviewing 65+ Book Industry Experts during my first Publishing Success Summit. It'll be an online event from December 4-18, 2016. Thanks so much to all the fabulous speakers that have confirmed their participation. I'm excited and honored to host you. It's my hopes that this Summit will help folks publish successfully. For more info, please check out my blog post:

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Just last week I had a awesome session with +Chris O'Byrne (Owner of, Twitter handle: @jetlaunchllc), where we discussed the reason for choosing self-publishing over traditional publishing, why so many ebooks created by big publishers actually look bad, what KDP Select is and why an author should consider using it and more in preparation for my upcoming #TPSSummit: --> Chris, thank you for a fantastic session, you shared great content and it was fun! :-)
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