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The Negative Space
I LOVE negative space manicure, there's just something really chic and modern about it. I have tried doing it for a couple of times but have never been really pleased with the result. I am really pleased with how this one came out though. I had issues with ...

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The Perfect Palette Tag (Be Prepared It's a Long One)
This tag has been going around for a long time on Youtube and it started before I am even interested in hoarding palettes. However, I always find it interesting to see everyone's response to the questions of this tag and I am itching to share mine as well. ...

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Daisy Dream(ing)
I have always adored watercolour works; its soft and transparent quality ah love it! I have tried painting with watercolour myself a couple of times but almost all the time it turned out to be rubbish. I have since learnt a few things and I'm pretty pleased...

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The New White
Nails Inc The New White: White Horse Streets Two weeks ago as I strolled the makeup aisle of David Jones I stumbled across a new range of white polishes from Nails Inc. This collection consists of four pale polishes with a creme finish. Being a pastel lover...

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Topshop Nails in Blue Rinse
In one of my previous post  I admitted that blue polishes dominate my collection. What can I say I love blues and I cannot stop buying blue polishes especially in creme finishes. I spotted this in Topshop about a month ago before finally decided to pick it ...

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Aillen the Alien Nail Art
Aline the Alien Whenever I'm bored at class I doodled a lot and I get ideas through this quite a lot. This nail art is a quite simple and I think it is pretty cute. I named her Aillen just for fun :P. I did her face on my middle finger and claws on my index...

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Love finding new blogs to follow. Thank you for this

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Minion Nail Art
Minion Nail Art The new Minions movie will be released soon, so it is just appropriate that I do another minion nails. I did minion nail art about two years ago on my aunt's nails. It is interesting to see how much I've progressed with my nail art after two...

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Blue Me Away
Blue Ombre Nails Last time I checked, blue creme polishes dominate my stash and knowing that I still cannot stop buying them. What can I say? I love blues! So I decided to create an ombre nails from purply blue to minty blue. I absolutely love the way it ca...
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